Flash Freezing Fix

You know, I’ve left the technology category alone for a very long time. Haven’t had much to say about computers and stuff, but this issue pissed me off so much I figured that some people might still be getting it.

This is an old issue. I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed already, but I’m experiencing it right now, so I might as well address it. The solution is as easy as disabling “Enable Hardware Acceleration” in the Settings tab. When you right-click in any instance of flash, it will bring up a panel, which you can navigate to uncheck the checkbox in question. For those who are having a problem with Flash, and experiencing freezes, this probably the fix you’re looking for.

As far as I’m aware, it can be a problem with video card drivers — this I’ve been more concerned about because I recently installed a new graphics card. I idiotically swapped out my graphics card without completely uninstalling any drivers and software related to my previous card. Windows 7 seemed to not care, since it promptly booted up with the correct resolution, and immediately went to look for the appropriate drivers on the internet. Thanks W7 for being smart, but bad for me, since I should have cleaned up before installing. I might have turned hardware acceleration back on for some reason, which was obviously the wrong thing to do.

Flash Freezing Fix

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