Yuusha ni narenakatta plus more words.


The animation is rather wobbly in some areas. Quite. Mostly in the boob area and hair swaying. This show for some reason is tossing in an extra frame or three for minor details that make it seem like they want to be the next GoHands. I’ve got nothing against it. But it is the studio that brought us Minami-ke (Seasons 2 and 3) and Shuffle. I’d be a little wary of the animation quality. Sometimes moments of sakuga come through, but are merely a few seconds of it on an animation segment that barely needs it.¬†Small things like unique mouth shapes for vowel sounds, hair flips, the newscaster pulling off a sticky paper. Hell, just look at the opening action sequence! “Look! Breasts affected by gravity!” is what that was. Which is slightly unfortunate, because that’s a demerit since it’s never good for our expectations.

Oh well. I lol’ed at the obvious Star Trek reference. I”ll probably be able to enjoy the show simply based on¬†awkward situations from Fino’s non-human behavior. The “rub my butt” scene and the grandiose demon cashier bit were silly. If the show keeps those sorts of scenes coming, I’ll keep watching. The voice acting could use a bit more work though.

Man. What a lukewarm reception to the 2013 Anime Fall Season. Can you blame me? It’s a little too obvious which ones people are going to gush over. Maybe this time I’ll try covering the odd ones out there.

Go watch Coppelion if you’ve played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Fallout 3. Dat post-production radiation color scheme.

Yuusha ni narenakatta plus more words.