Citrus – yuri without ice

Two posts with a title that contains Yuri on Ice in some form. I wonder if I can stretch it even farther.


Rejoice, my fellow clansmen! Citrus has arrived and it’s straight up yuri. It’s got Ayana Taketatsu voicing our peppy pseudo-gyaru Aihara Yuzu. And Mei is voiced by Minami Tsuda, who notably has starred in Yuruyuri. Really, if it weren’t for the obvious marketing for the show (and the super spoiler that is the OP) and art style I would have been able to go into this blind and have an even bigger reaction to the very first hint of the yuri seven minutes in.

Not much to go on as of this episode. Other than noticing that Yuzu’s mother seems to be pretty strong since she handily lifted a box that Yuzu had trouble getting off the ground, even though they both seemed to have similar body frame and size. I suppose one could say she’s a strong and independent woman… WHO DON’T NEED NO-

The teacher isn’t given much of an introduction. The beginning is already pinning him as a target for our disgust. It’s a bummer because again, plot-wise it seems too much like rote and routine just so we can get our yuri on. (I ain’t complaining.)

I am heavily breathing in anticipation of the next episode already. I don’t think I really need to try and convince others to watch. It’s yuri, and those who desire it shall find and bask in its glory.

Citrus – yuri without ice

Love Lab Looks Like Yuri


It’s a show about lesbians doing cute things while being animated by Dogakobo. So this means that it’s going have more nonsense key frames that add gravity and bounce to hair, ties, frills, and potentially boobs. I find it hilarious that actions shows are now getting the short of it all, while shows like Love Lab and Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu are getting rather well done angle work, composition, and choreography. Dangan Ronpa is going to have to pull some crazy shenanigans if the only thing people can take away from it is that it’s a “serious” anime because of despair and death, while looking almost as bad as Togainu no Chi.

Okay, fine. At least Dangan Ronpa isn’t BL.

On a lighter note, Love Lab has some interesting sound effects and visual gags. That first himitsu reveal was predictable.. but the sounds that went with it had me biting my wrist in laughter. I guess slapstick comedy is still effective on me. Or perhaps Dogakobo is simply doing it right? We’ve got three episodes to go and see if they’re still the masters of artful, light-hearted, otaku pandering, lesbian antics. Hopefully minus the Chinatsu Tier Artworks.

It’s pretty obvious if you’re going to like the show. And it won’t be converting anyone unless you can somehow appreciate that it’ll get more key frames than our typical seasonal shonen series.

Love Lab Looks Like Yuri

Yuru Yuri ♪♪

Just like the top image I decided to use, Yuru Yuri ♪♪ isn’t anything different from it’s previous season, and there will be those who are like Kyoko, crying from happiness that it has returned, or you have no idea what the fuck you’re watching, like Chinatsu (on the right) is. Or maybe you’re just passed out on the floor like Yui in the background.

The first half of the show is a hammed up sequence that made me question what I was watching. It was confusing for a moment. Poor Akarin, it was all a dream sequence. The second half returns to it’s regular style and occasional violent humor. There’s also an onsen sequence. We all know what that’s about, so if you’re not comfortable with people looking over your shoulder wondering what you’re watching, pick an appropriate time. It will overlap your private sexy time. And you will feel dirty about watching it because they’re lolis. Some of those uncomfortable vibes may get dispersed when you realize the show is rather well animated.

And apparently it’s no fluke. Yuru Yuri has some magical people working behind the scenes because the animation retains much fluidity. Not only that, they animated one of Chinatsu’s works of horror quality art which resulted in me shitting a pants factory. But in the end, a giant grin beamed across my face because it’s a show that is professional, stupid, and professionally stupid. God bless the studio Dogakobo that produces this series. I didn’t know they had a hand in that much anime. I need to keep an eye out for these guys. They’ve got an amazing list of anime they’ve worked on, and seems like they’re responsible for many highly polished scenes across many anime and genres.

I do find it unfortunate that I’ve realized I’d rather watch sequels instead of the new shows. Doesn’t matter whether or not they’re original or adaptations. If you liked it, you know it’ll be more of the same as long as the core staff responsible for the feel and direction of the show don’t leave. A major reason why people are so conflicted about the 2nd season of Minami-ke. (It really exists. Honestly.)

Yuru Yuri ♪♪

Yuruyuri is artful.

Holy frijoles.

It’ll be obvious to a lot of people that this “4 girls doing stuff” setup is boring to a lot of people, but the consistency in the art production is rather surprising. No, that doesn’t mean the entire series looks like the above screencap. (But good lord that would be amazing. In a different way.) Taking a look at who’s doing the main animation production gave me more questions. There were so many secondary animation studios helping out in episode 1. Episode 6 is a milestone, because.. Chinatsu drew the above picture. I’m just reeling with omfg and anticipation as I was watching the horrid art proceed to the next frame. It really reminds you that sometimes it’s not how well something is drawn, but what it ends up looking like.

Speaking of art, Yuruyuri is a surprising contender for the Most Consistent Art Award. Squishes, stretches, and follow up animation still showing up throughout the show. It came with a few shortcuts here and there, but nothing to be all Minami-ke about it.

Minami-ke had three seasons. There, I said it.

Yuruyuri is artful.