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Strike Witches in my Infinite Stratos?

Gertrud Barkhorn, what are you doing in my Infinite Stratos? You’re supposed to be making that Strike Witches movie!

And this post was intended to be a short as possible, but I also can’t help but notice the art style not very far from looking like Strike Witches. If we’re lucky, it’ll have that military flair we’ve missed last season.. just with a bit more janky gender harem humor. At least, I don’t recall any series last season that was military themed. Okay, so I guess I’m a little relieved that even IS will have a Gertrud clone.

And for the little seiyuu fanboy in me, Yukana is voicing a loud, blonde British character named Cecilia Alcott, which is not in the screen cap. But more importantly, I’m dying to know who the Gertrud clone is. There’s also that girl in the pajama-like get up, to the left. Please be cliché to the point that I’ll fall in love with you. The lass to the right sounds so familiar, I should be able to name her seiyuu, but it’s just not coming to me.

Other bloggers have probably already mentioned the rather nifty intro sequence (that seemed really expensive to produce..), being a relatively nice balance between 3DCG and 2D. It tells us we’re watching a mecha anime, but I’d like for them to save their money before the animation goes out like a clay pigeon: destined to either get shot into small pieces, or fall to the earth. (Hint: Both are bad.)