How embarrasing, an SQL drive-by happened.


I’ve been mostly enjoying the end of the current season, namely Monster Musume. Episode 12 got an insane animation bump, which I honestly wasn’t expecting.

More importantly however, this is a quick update and an apology to those who visited my site when those really fucking weird posts showed up. I got hit with either an SQL injection, or a simple password breach, either through brute strength or dictionary attack. Whatever it was, it got a hold of one of the accounts and wrecked some havoc. There was a reason why I did like hard coding a website with zero PHP or any silly CMS — you don’t get affected by those injection drive-by’s that happen when you leave a website unattended for too long. I thought I had a few basic security update services running, but apparently I didn’t. I deeply apologize if it’s somehow affected anyone who’s visited. At the moment, it’s ruined my ability to preview my own posts before publishing, but that’s nothing compared to maybe losing control of my WordPress installation.

Currently deflating from a trip to Japan and working on music, so pardon my dust, especially if you happen to be a regular visitor. Thanks if you are. I’ll be back into the swing of updating, and hopefully instead of intermittent updates, I’ll have some sort of weekly minimum routine (perhaps at least once per week) for any anime related posts.

If you happen to also enjoy PC hardware and gaming, please let me know. As far as I know, all I’ve ever written about in the last two years was anime. But if people would like some variety, I’ll gladly start writing about tech stuff, too, since it is my other passion.

It’s definitely not just me. I was super slow in realizing that I read some tech news regarding WordPress blogs being hit with open exploits. If I find a link to the fix, this will be updated. That, or I’ll simply pin a warning post, just in case for the purposes of awareness.

How embarrasing, an SQL drive-by happened.