And now, for something completely unexpected.


All that crap I was complaining about minutes ago, was fixed because I did some brute force google-fu to find out what the fuck was wrong with my website.

To keep it short, I fixed it. I’m incredibly annoyed at how simple the problem actually was. And now I’m back to my old theme. Sorry if you actually wanted the change. Maybe I’ll take some time to alter the Minnow theme (what I switched to in a knee-jerk reaction minutes before this post to fix shit temporarily) to my liking.

I’m watching KonoSuba with utter glee because Mr. MC-kun, Satou Kazuma, is such an enjoyable personality in the anime world filled with milquetoast, plot-armored, bastard protagonists. Aqua is also holding up the fort with a level of character chemistry (and rather unorthodox yelps and screams) not often heard as well.

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And now, for something completely unexpected.

Efforts in vain. Let’s just go plain.

While it didn’t last very long, the podcast I did with my friends taught me a lot of things about audio recording. I did take a recording arts class once. But being able to put some of the knowledge to use was interesting. Much of what I learned about had to be re-learned again, due to brain atrophy. So what went wrong with the podcast?

A good portion of the podcast going under was just the amount of sheer edits and fixes I had to apply to the waveform. My cohorts know about this, and I had plenty of crap to fix when we were done recording. I don’t have the best setup and equipment. It was sufficient to get a nice sound to my computer, but not enough to maintain the quality. Distance from the mics, no pop-guards, one complete boom-stand, a short stick to hold my mic, and inadequate spacing plus terrible layout of my room didn’t help.

It’s a bit of a ragequit as well. I didn’t like the current content of the podcast. Even if I said we’d include derails and trainwrecks, listening to the unedited podcasts made me realize that more often than not, we talk like complete idiots. Maybe we got better in the last three, but I have my doubts.

Despite this rant, I wouldn’t abandon podcasting. I’ve found it fun. Perhaps I just need a reboot and a refocus of energy.

So what should a reader get out of reading this entry? A good podcast takes effort. It takes professionalism. A bit of garage mentality. Unpolished, but beautifully uncut.

It should be YOU. Not being someone else, but being yourself. And unfortunately, I was fooling myself.

I failed this time. Now it’s time to go fail, again. But I’m going to fail better. Because I know how to do it. (The failing part.)

Miku image drawn by nagian (, stolen from danbooru.

Efforts in vain. Let’s just go plain.

A New Category Appears!

I just realized for all the technology and hardware I drool over, there isn’t a category for it. So I made one for better organization, and quicker post finding. I guess there really isn’t a reason to make a post such as this one. Except for that one post I have about my Toshiba M750. But better late than never!

Micro entries are easier to write, as well. Seeing as my podcast efforts have been thwarted lately, getting in some habitual updates at least every two days would warrant someone to visit me. そですよね?!

A New Category Appears!