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Saki: Actual Second Season


Yeah, more mahjong! Even more “Wa ha ha.”! I’m not sure I have anything special to say for the new year. But there’s more mahjong. I suppose this show isn’t something one could pick up right away. Without knowing about mahjong, the only thing you could discern about this show is that girls playing mahjong have super abilities, and the shonen-like build up means everyone has power levels. Which then results in the hyperbolic time chamber being in the show in some form. After a while, I realized just how ridiculous the head adornments and visual character itemization becomes. The hair styles are starting to get to me. I’m fully expecting them to burst into song, covering A Flock of Seagulls.

I’d like to say even more about this upcoming season. I spent most of my time bombarding my eyes with moé. Oddly enough, Saki is ending up as my shonen fix for this season, because I can always count on some strange mahjong ability that seems like such an ass-pull. Don’t fool yourself, however, into thinking that Saki is going to “get better”. I highly doubt some weird turning point is going to make someone on the fence start watching this show. Unless you are like me, and all it takes is a voice actor/actress to convince one to watch a show. In which case, this show has them in shovels. Spades. Bucket wheel excavators. Whatever.

I like that my post results in Saki: ASS. For some people, that’s all it’s about. Or it’s the descriptor for the show’s quality. Or “quality”, depending how much faggotry you participate in.