Jitsu wa Watashi wa Honto sa Nanto ka Hima da


At first, I thought it’d be funny to show a picture that has absolutely no bearing on what a show’s theme may be, nor any faces to help provide identity. Then I realized when MC-kun plugs in this power cable, it’s tilted and now it’s bugging the hell out of me. I hope it does for you.

I’ve ended up watching this show. Mostly because I had read the manga ages ago. It’s also one of those extremely low investment anime, where there’s really not much complex going on. If you’re unsure about watching Jitsu wa Watashi wa, you don’t have to force yourself. Unless sometimes you’re like me and are willing to add more anime under your belt just for the sake of it.

I will say though that it remains entertaining to watch because the voice actors are doing a perfectly fine job. I don’t remember the manga of Jitsu wa Watashi wa being particularly amazing enough to be adapted into an anime.. but I prefer listening to acting, than reading manga. It’s probably going to be an average show. Nothing overtly cringe worthy has happened. (Aside from that ED song. Ugh.) The quality of the art may be off-putting, but the character design has been relatively consistent so far. It’s just not high budget either. However, everything is fine because everyone always says that characters and story are more important than animation, right?!

Perhaps it may be self defeating to try and defend the show, since in a way, that’s admitting the quality of the show being merely average. Not only that, I actually haven’t read a single thing that other people have said about the show. I was considering saying that this show might not be popular enough. Even that sounded weird as I realized that it’s being adapted to begin with.

Wow, I’ve said a lot about this fairly average anime. But yeah, the short of it is, there’s plenty of anime this season that you’d probably want to watch instead of this. Those who were interested in watching this show are probably already watching it. It’s hovering at 20% percent suck rating so far, while being sort of alright at the same time. There might be enough substance to say that it’s hook rate would be about 33%.

If you were looking for a short summary about this show, it’s about MC-kun (Kuromine Asahi) wearing his heart on his sleeve, and being honest to a fault. He then discovers the classmate he had a crush on was actually a vampire (Shiragami Youko). She was supposed to keep it a secret. MC-kun loves her, so promises to keep said secret. Antics ensue.

Silly thing about the seiyuu for this show, is that Asahi’s three male buddies/pals/bros’ actors I recognized quicker than the rest of the cast. And Shimono Hiro was a little too easy to pick out.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Honto sa Nanto ka Hima da