Uchouten Kazoku Nikki


Anyone remember that anime? Kyouran Kazoku Nikki? No? It’s okay. No one will judge. Besides, it wasn’t that good. It did have Kana Hanazawa in it, though. The show aired in 2008, when I didn’t know a lick of Japanese, nor had as good a computer as I do now. Man, how time flys. For some reason, that reminded me of when I used to regularly visit an old anime blog called Memento. So I looked up that site on the Wayback Machine for good old times sake. The years he blogged…

It uncannily matches up with the very beginning of the Age of MoƩ, the year 2003. And then the year 2009 occurred.

What the hell happened in 2009 to kill off so many old school anime blogs that some people pretty much revere these days? Well, okay, not everyone died. But it takes a rather big chunk out of your life, anime blogging. I suppose the more one got into regularly blogging anime, the more mundane and routine it becomes. Can’t write off the fact that real life happens, too. People get jobs or have families. It’s their job now to hand over the baton to the younger generation.

So what happened in 2009?

You’re killing me here! WHAT HAPPENED IN 2009?!

Uchouten Kazoku Nikki