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Knee Say Coy, Not Rabu


While my frustration builds with the standard love comedy conventions just piling up, SHAFT has also redeemed themselves with these outlandish faces that always gets me smirking. The squiggly 6-inch smiles and profoundly smarmy expressions always get to me. Shuu gets a smile that’s so disgusting in episode 13, it’s amazing in a certain way.

This standard build up however.. it just doesn’t suit me. It’s not straying far enough to be considered great, merely okay. I have bombarded my brain with so many romance-comedies in the last several seasons, that I think my immune system is actively trying to reject the experiences from watching them. Is the show good? I’d have to say yes. For the most part, there isn’t anything super bad, sticking out like a stick in a flat area. Or is even this observation not astute? I know for a fact there are people who have watched more romance-comedies than I have, and yet they can continue to dispense interesting points of discussion, while retaining that passion for the genre.

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