Yui Hirasawa: The After College Years


Megumi Chihaya is awesome. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to what Yui Hirasawa of K-ON! may mature into. Just imagine Yui mellowing out a bit after college, growing her hair out while adding another pair of hair clips ¬†to manage her bangs. Not only that, Chihaya’s exhibits the ability to shamelessly cosplay in a public place such as a civil ward office. Mmmhmm, our Yui-chan is definitely an adult now. It’s also infinitely more plausible since Chihaya is voiced by none other than Toyosaki Aki¬†herself.

So yeah. I’m definitely enjoying Servant x Service. When one starts living past that rosy high-school life and enters that gray area of adulthood, this show connects with you at a deeper level; unmistakably so if you actually work as a civil servant. But it’s not like you need to be working as one to enjoy the show. We watch these crazy, fantastical shows with settings and characters that rarely depict themselves as realistic as possible. If you want that, you’d be watching a regular TV channel [at non-anime hours] for that. Perhaps after years of watching fantasy and sci-fi anime, something down to earth starts looking more appealing, instead of boring.

What’s the latest Servant x Service episode about? I’m not telling. Particularly because I’ve never understood the reason for reading a episodic summary. I’m not about to do one either.

Let’s ignore that. The music of this show is spot on. It sounds like stuff in my current non-anime collection, with an eclectic mix of jazz-influenced instrumentation, in addition with the typical A-1 Pictures “working man” music stylings. Should have expected this, since Working!!‘s OST is the same goodness that we hear in Servant x Service. And the ED is damn pleasant to listen to. Almost sounds like it was performed by Round Table feat. Nino, who has nothing to do with this show. Go listen to them anyway. They’ll remind you of a lot of different anime. Like Aria the Animation. Or Chobits. Maybe even Gunbuster 2.

Why the hell are trumpets so perfect for sitcoms with office/job settings?

Also, Toyosaki’s voice is so sexy when she’s given a calmer, or deadpan, character. Hnng. It always lets me sleep at night. Interpret that as you will. (Oh yeah.)

Yui Hirasawa: The After College Years