Nisekoi’s Version of Dumb Love


It’s a wonder just how I manage to endure comically and sometimes extreme levels of a retarded male protagonist I can handle. Raku isn’t someone I can align with, simply because I’ve never been in the sort of crush of love he’s in over Onodera. His sense of logic also only seems to kick in when the plot needs him to earn points of affection. Is the show being too formulaic? There’s been several — while not a lot — instances of the show breaking the norm. The gift giving scene was surprisingly tame, as an example. Most of them unfortunately go by with a tiny variation in execution. It feels like not even SHAFT can evade these conventions of love comedy. The off-kilter love fest of the Monogatari series ended up feeling all too comfortable, resulting in Nisekoi often feeling cliché.

Miyamoto is quite easily the driver of the biggest bus for the audience. How many times have you been the observer of a classmate, co-worker, colleague, friend, or whoever was obviously in love with someone who also wants to reciprocate, and wished you could simply shove them into a room filled with an aerosolized aphrodisiac so they’d confess and make love within an hour? All you need is one such person, honestly. Maybe you’re not as irritated as Miyamoto would be. But I sure as hell would get bored of it if nothing interesting naturally occurs. In an interesting twist, I’ve aligned mostly with Shuu. While I do share the annoyed feeling as Miyamoto, Shuu is sort of intentionally acting dumb and attempting to accelerate the love interests by either forcing Raku into situations or saying things that call for action and initiative. Seriously, I think most guys need a wingman like Shuu.

Sometimes I can’t handle the stress when there’s two female leads of equal screen time and love tier, while the MC putzes around with tunnel vision. I can handle an indecisive MC, but I can’t handle plot-derived idiocy at molasses level density. At least give him love gun with a reflex sight, not a periscope.

It’s been a long time since I’ve rooted so hard for the blonde-haired, blue eyed female. Chitoge’s design is great (yes, I’m often a sucker for ponytails and the gap moé when they let their hair down), and I like the seiyuu they picked for her (Toyama Nao).

I wouldn’t arrest Raku for exceeding the dumb love speed limit by 10 kilometers per hour, but I sure as hell feel like giving him a ticket worth $5100.

Nisekoi’s Version of Dumb Love