Nanana’s Ridiculous Premise


Those abs.

Dang it. It’s too easy to get caught up on the sexy slightly older onee-san effect. I have a serious problem when it comes to characters like this. I love them to bits. While I have also fallen to the dark side and have absolutely no problem with loli characters, instead of feeling disgusted like I should be (see Black Bullet), I have to admit that fit women with killer abs are awesome, too. A perfect way to explain this is through Touhou. Hong Meiling is my all time favorite Touhou character, yet I also like Ibuki Suika just as well. (WARNING: These are danbooru links. NSFW content is easily one click away, and the Meiling one is already questionable enough. Yes, I could give you the Touhou wikia links, but that would be boring.) The following is not related to Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. Except for the last two paragraphs.

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Nanana’s Ridiculous Premise



The power of Hanazawa Kana compels you to watch D-frag because you don’t defragment your hard drive enough. (In actuality, Windows 7 barely needs to do so. The minor improvement from a better algorithm is barely worth the time unless you somehow manage to fragment your drives to the point worthy of–whatever. You’d have your own preferred defragmenter program already if you want an optimized drive that badly.)

I get to use the ‘seiyuu porn’ tag once again. Just look at the seiyuu list; it’s a bunch of power hitters. Koshimizu Ami, Hanazawa Kana, Konishi Katsuyushi, Saito Chiwa, and Itou Shizuka are enough for a giant barrage of audio candy to give your ear canal diabetes. Hanazawa gets to reuse her chuunibyou skills from the Haganai and OreImo series. Koshimizu is surprisingly voicing a mellow character. I’d prefer if they asked her to try a hot-blooded screamer, or some zany bitch, since that’s usually a good vocal thrashing that only the best can handle. Then there’s Chiwa Saito AND Shizuka Itou. Come on.

I will also like to address once again that Konishi Katsuyushi is the MC. The guy who voiced Kamina. Isn’t it sad? You went from voicing one of the more memorable badasses in the history of anime, and now you’re screaming jabs at cute high-school girls with amazing thighs for bad jokes. Actually, that sounds great. To be honest, I want to be in his shoes. Or inside Roka. Oh yeah.

We haven’t seen Shizuka’s character (Takao) appear yet, but it looks like she’s voicing the Alice Margatroid of the show. I’m pegger her as Alice simply because of the hat she’s wearing. Yes, I know it’s not a hat. But it’s a hat. Touhou character can’t get by without their hats. Also, yay, because I get to use the Touhou tag after a long time. I remember when I tried to force it into every post. No effort for this one!

If you look close enough, my post title has a smiling emoticon with a comb over. It’s also clever because of the club’s name that the characters are in. Yay. Shut up.


Servant x Service x Cube


This show. THIS SHOW.

It’s like A-1 Pictures are the guys to go to for producing job themed anime. Ever since they did Working!!, I was hoping they’d do more of these sitcoms. They’re surprisingly similar to the regular sitcoms that are produced right here in United States. At least the ones that are focused on comedy rather than drama. The opening sequence was also quite a thing. It was immediately attention grabbing, that’s for sure. The only other thing left needed to have me biting at the fringes of this delectable episode was the presence of interesting seiyuu.

I managed to identify several seiyuu off the bat. The three easily identifiable were Sakurai Takahiro, Toyosaki Aki, and Nakahara Mai. And then I sort of knew Kayano Ai and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I managed to identify his voice from Bakatest as Yuuji, but the actual voice he’s using is miles different. Guess I picked up on that nasal voice quality he seems to have. Kayano Ai’s range and voice separation is pretty good, so unless you’ve watched her in several shows (Rinne no Lagrange, anohana, Ben-to, Senyuu, Oreshura), you’ll have a hard time doing single episode identification.

And to finish this entry off, I’d like to fag it up, and bust a nutbladder over the fact that Nakahara Mai is Mihoshi. It’s so perfect. But at the same time… I’m imagining her character as Hakurei Reimu because of the MAIKAZE doujin anime adaptation of Touhou. Which brings me to another thought about Touhou. It really would seem like A-1 Pictures would be the studio to do a Touhou adaptation. They’re pretty good at this animation production thing, you know.

I’m not going to link to all of the anime and seiyuu I’ve mentioned. However, I will link you to Nakahara Mai because frankly, she’s a monster. Once you see who she’s voiced, you’ll understand me.

Oh, right. Happy 4th of July, residents of the United States. Enjoy the fooding!

Servant x Service x Cube

Hang in there, Alciel-san!


Man, this show keeps delivering those faces. Some of them feel kinda Gag Manga Biyori, with those dead hexagon eyes. It’s creepy and hilarious at the same time.

Even the typified haunted house reaction from Emi, Suzuno, and Chiho was interesting. I almost always skip these kinds of scenes because there’s nothing new you can really do. But it felt different to me because there were three girls with varying degrees of shock-tactic-scare resistances. Even with Suzuno setup to be the one to stomach all of it, even she gets a little jostled. Even better was Emi’s post-reaction. I love that it was more of an angry “who the hell comes up with this stuff?” line.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been reading a lot of Hang in there, Kogasa! (site is NSFW. the comic itself is safe.). It’s a wonderful 4koma with Kogasa-san (an umbrella youkai from the Touhou-verse) as an author-insert for Mizuki Hitoshi, with stories based on the author’s real life about eating good food, and meeting deadlines that manga artists always seem to have trouble with. There’s videos of him visiting Anime Boston. Seems like a swell guy. Go read the 4koma. Knowing the Touhou characters that are utilized within the 4koma helps, but isn’t necessary. Most of the gags are non-Touhou. Some gags were character specific, but how it’s used is the punch line.

Don’t forget to read the commentary below each strip. The author has snippets of info along with the strip which is translated by the hard working Danbooru faeries. Sometimes the comment threads from the readership add to the experience. There’s even a point where one Danboorian made it into the strip. Twice even. And he comments there, too. Hell, Mizuki Hitoshi himself made a comment or two. It’s all one big family over there.

I’d also like to fantasize now that Maou Sadao has one giant, heart-warming family, right here in the human world. With Alciel Suzuno as the waifu, Emi as the lover, and Chiho as the mistress. Along with Kisaki Tenchou as the token Onee-sama.

alciel’s face wwwww. being an alciel is suffering.

Also, do you people care about screenshots? Less text, more images?

Hang in there, Alciel-san!

Watching anime year after year.

image drawn by kanikama

The title sounds like I’ve been watching for a long time. But it wasn’t until 2002 that my anime watching habits would snowball into what it is today. That would mark me as a new fag by those who’ve watched and been in the anime scene for much longer. I’m not one that can manage to watch every anime series, or at least 85 percent, per season. (I did challenge myself to try this a couple times last year, but was unsuccessful.) I’ve decided to think about how long I’ve been watching anime, what I have watched, and which ones have become my favorites. When I went back to analyze my favorites for any patterns, there was no clear difference of taste back then and now.

Starting from the anime I am currently watching, and the ones that had become my favorites in the last couple of years, I went backwards. I tried to find at least a single element (story, theme, atmosphere, art style, character types, photography) that would be retained the further I went backwards. Shows like Working!! brought me back to Patlabor and Muyo Tenchi. Mawaru Penguindrum brought me back to Ghost in the Shell and Ranma 1/2. These were from simplified parsing, with the criteria of a single element shared. It was a nice practice. It made me remember anime I’ve watched I couldn’t have recalled if you asked me at a random point in time.

Then I realized my taste in anime hasn’t changed. It’s merely expanded to its neighbors. There’s a lot of anime I still can’t stand. Sometimes I’ll drop a show past the half-way point when it was supposedly doing good. I would wonder why I’d turn down watching a series even if it had the same basic plot construction as others. It does end up simplifying itself down to “like it, or don’t like it” very often. But it’s the same as deciding what you want to eat. Sometimes you’ll just pick your safe choice, knowing you’ll like it; sometimes you’ll decide to experiment and see if an unknown food won’t make your taste buds meltdown.

It’s really interesting to look back at what you’ve watched, and what you’re currently watching. I’ll understand if you stop reading here, because now it really will be a simple list of things I’ve watched – in no particular order.

What is this year — 2012 — to me?

Hyouka, Kokoro Connect, Moyashimon Returns, Sword Art Online, YuruYuri S2, Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru, Binbougami Ga!, Tari Tari, Campione!, Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita, Dakara Boku wa H ga dekinai, Jormungand, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Highschool DxD, Natsume Yuujinchou, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Black Rock Shooter, Bodacious Space Pirates, Brave 10, Eureka Seven: AO, Tasogare Frontier Otome x Amnesia, Rinne no Lagrange, Kill Me Baby, Saki Achiga-hen, Sankarea, Sengoku Collection, Polar Bear Cafe, Zetman, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Upotte!!, and Thermae Romae.

What was the year 2003 to me?

Dokkoida?!, Scrapped Princess, Ninja Scroll, Last Exile, Kino’s Journey, Detective Loki, Kaleido Star, Someday’s Dreamers, .Hack//Twilight, Air Master, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, Read or Die, Godannar, Gunparade March, Mouse, Wolf’s Rain, Texhnolyze, Ikki Tousen, Onegai Twins!, Popotan, D.C. Da Capo, Narutaru, Requiem from the Darkness, Bottle Fairies, Battle Programmer Shirase, Gungrave, Fullmetal Alchemist, Planetes, Mermaid Forest, Galaxy Railways, Rumbling Hearts, Gunslinger Girl, Tsukihime, Maburaho, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Peacemaker Kurogane, and Chrono Crusade.

How about you? What are you watching this year, and what did you watch in the year 2003? Why am I asking about that year specifically? You might be surprised if you do what I just did; you’ll probably figure out why I’m asking about 2003. Or you won’t, and you don’t care. Take a good look at the list you make. Did nothing change? Or did your tastes shift? I’d like for other anime bloggers to give this a try, but that would mean I was friends/acquaintances with them or associate with some shared interest community.

Watching anime year after year.