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I’m sorry wallet, but I need to upgrade.

For someone who has about 95GB out of 465GB available on my HDD, I’ve been extremely conservative in what I download and install. I shouldn’t have to worry about that, but being on a platter based hard drive means that the last 20% of space is definitely right next to the inner circle of the disk is going to be slow. A bunch of anime I’ve been intending to watch and games I want to install have simply been pushed back due to space constraints. The slow down of disk speed is already apparent. So what does this mean?

It’s time to upgrade!

Anyone with a computer tinkerer’s bone in their body knows there’s a [relatively] new piece of hardware in town. The SSD (Solid State Disk) I’ve been dreamily gazing at seems like something I actually need now, considering how fast I consume data off the internet. My only problem with these is that they’re expensive for my rather tiny wallet and have also heard the occasional “My SSD failed after a few days” crowd’s warning crys. If not that, there’s a nice external HDD, the TOSHIBA Canvio Plus — that’s a 2.5″ form factor with 1GB of space (931GB really). Either of which are something that will easily lighten the load on my current situation, but the latter being the most reliable.

It would be rad if anyone with SSD experience commented. The reports of said drives failing is fairly low, but it does happen. Would like to know if it’s actually anything to worry about.