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The World God Only Knows Everything (Playstation vers.)

Whew. Almost got sued by Sony!

And three hurrays and huzzahs for 3 episodes that show the same old and new potential for a new season of The World God Only Knows. I’m highly enjoying this continuation, not only because of the amount of zettai ryouiki, but because of Keima. Quite a fun character to watch interact with familiar tropes of the anime world which he himself acknowledges, and with episode 3, we get a new character in the form of Haqua, whose zettai ryouiki is nearly killing me. Maybe because of the matching colors she’s got going on. Interesting how a simple change in colors can incite more arousal.

You’re creeping me out man.


Podcast #8

Probably one of our biggest podcasts in a while, this one is a huge 2 hours, 27 minutes and 4 seconds. Just what exactly the hell were we talking about? Anime. You know the drill. Click the thing that says “This area I reside on is a part of Earth.” because it’s a fact. Unless you live in space. And don’t give me that, “I live in an airplane, forever fueled by love.” crap because I capitalized Earth, indicating I definitely mean within the atmosphere.

So get comfortable and listen to us while you’re doing something more important, like laundry or grinding away in your favorite RPG.



RAGEcast # 6

How can I ever follow up such a risqué image of Illya butt humping a maid? I can’t. Go read Fate/Kaleid Liner.

But here’s a podcast. We’re back up to our 3-man capacity! The new Fall Anime Season 2010 is well underway, about 3 episodes in. This means we can make some predictions and toss out outrageous comments about things being fabulous or not. As expected, many of the popular ones end up in the discussion, such as OreImo and The World God Only Knows. Two others worth mentioning are Star Driver and Togainu no Chi — one is tremendously fabulous and one is NOT. I’d like to cite chartfag again here, as most of the time we run through this list and mention the ones we watch. At the same time, I’d also like to mention that chartfag is apparently going to be busy with real life soon, and he has thus directed us towards Cart Driver’s charts.

And we’ve got an entirely new section called Pick Your Animu!, which is essentially just us picking one anime that we feel is a highlight of the year, or just something that is probably more enjoyable than average. Think of it as a simple recommendation.

Oh! And I managed to exercise some of my Touhou faggotry during the podcast, which made me happy. So I’ll link you a hilarious image if you’re into Touhou and enjoy pop culture references. Be careful of lurking danbooru; while there’s plenty of safe images, it also has NSFW images.

Come listen to our wonderful RAGEcast, which runs the gamut from fabulous to fail.

How fabulous! Then I absolutely MUST listen!