Maserbeamdotcom  Angry god fists are a dime a dozen.

The butterbur shovel unifies the five great Montreuis.

Montreuis isn’t a word. When you make post titles that have no absolute relevancy to the post, it bodes ill omen!

This podcast is brought to you by electricity and wires. Thank you workers of the past world – we can tell someone across the planet that I ate butter. But what probably concerns you, is listening to us while we talk about the CES 2010 event we never attended.

CES 2010, tablet PCs, Google, Nexus One, 3D TVs, Durarara!!, Omamori Himari, Sora no Woto, K-On!, Darksiders (not really), Bamboo Blade and more stuff make the target list.

Google says click here. DO IT.