Saki: Actual Season Season – 2


The second episode was pretty much a cooking episode, with tacos as the highlight. Many fresh ingredients were brought from all over the world to construct the finest tacos the world has ever seen. I’m completely lying. I’ll be damned if someone believed that because they saw my write up on the second episode before everyone else. I’m several days behind everyone in posting speed!

Back during the first season of Saki, coming home after work past midnight and watching the latest Saki episode was routine for me. It now has a very calming effect on me. It was also when I would eat dinner. My internal clock is very much rotated past the average work day by several hours. The L.A. area is dotted with taco trucks late in the night, so food was never an issue. I sure do love a spicy taco. And no, I do not mean a Spicy Taco (innuendo), nor any variant like Spicy Taco™ from A Certain Specific Taco Place. So as I gaze upon the tacos in the above screenshot, my stomach rumbles. At least when I’m actually hungry.

Saki finally felt like it stopped trying to shove old information from the past in the second half. It was more about watching wholesome whores win mahjong. (Too bad mahjong doesn’t start with a “w”; an otherwise wacky sentence would have had some nice alliteration. And I mean whores in a nice way. Is there even a positive connotation for whore?) But it was also good to see a bit more interaction from the other teams. Perhaps that just might be my bias, since I often prefer to see tertiary characters get more camera action than any one series’ pegged main characters. The Supposed Second Season, plain and simple, didn’t have the same sort of staying power in my brain. I can’t even remember the school they went to, let alone their names. All I know is that Yuuki Aoi voiced one of them. (The one that always looks like she’s naked, aside from a track jersey.)

I smirked when Bundo went nuts over the mahjong champion collector’s card set. Makes me wonder why I haven’t seen anyone that enthused over cards in real life. I’ve got friends who are deep into tabletop gaming, specifically CCGs on motorcycles centered around dueling. I never got into it. This scene also brought in Fujita Pro who I wish we got more of an explanation who she is, other than some professional that likes playing with little girls.

Now I totally want an automatic mahjong table. I had been slowly saving up for one ever since the first season of Saki. Yeah, I know. Technically, I could have bought several of them after this long. I keep buying other things which are more pertinent to my immediate work and hobbies — guitars and computer parts.

Saki: Actual Season Season – 2