Round Heads Are Moe

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Mahouka continues to be somehow boring and interesting to me at the same time. On one hand, it’s pacing is now jumping around a bit, and things are looking spotty in the pool of motivation that everyone is no longer standing in. Also, a new arc is jumping in after the terrorist one sort of just disappeared after Mr. Eyeglasses got his arm cut off. That’s probably where the issue is. But I have been saved by Erika’s bloomers, Nakajou Azusa’s round head, and Leonhard’s interesting inbetween frame that looks like it belongs in a Studio 4C film. I’m surprised they drew the individual teeth.

And then there’s the first picture I’ve placed to the left. That’s a guy, right? His character design can obviously allow for a masculine jawline and eye shape. Just look at the other characters. Hell, look at Tatsuya or muscle man Juumonji. (Jumanji.) But no. They gave him a face that is just so feminine.

I’m not going to harp on the “badness” of this show just for the kicks. Besides, you’ve got several other blogs doing that for you. The one bad thing that glares out to me that this show is doing, is letting Tatsuya be this badass without even a mote of explanation nor hints. Only Miyuki  — and presumably all the persons and professionals that surround the Shiba/Yotsuba family — knows why Tatsuya is the way he is. Without due exposition, everyone is going to keep calling Tatsuya a Gary Stu. For all I know, perhaps he’s supposed to remain as a Gary Stu.

Oh well. I prefer Tatsuya more than SAO‘s Kirito, whose legacy to me is merely his declaration of “penis hearts”.

Round Heads Are Moe

Pobblebonkery is a real word.

Kyousuke, pobblebonking in blatant disregard for physics.

No, it’s not. But it should be. By all means. Based on the pobblebonk (a frog), I use it in a way to describe someone who makes a fracas about love. And it just sounds like a loud and obnoxious plonk sound. This plonk sound made by the frog is interesting the first time around, but I can easily imagine it being goddamn annoying. I watched the last three episodes of Ore no Imouto Season 2. And it participates in such pobblebonkery that it brings me to remember how fucking annoying this show has gotten.

Everyone else lost their purpose when Kyousuke stopped being interesting. He no longer had any real conflict that threatened his current mindset. Even his jabs at other characters got boring. Or was it the other characters being unworthy of creative straight-man altercations anymore? Kuroneko’s chuunibyou suddenly turned into a huge negative for me. Not that it was a plus to me, ever. Saori was a bit more lucky. As a side character, she never stood in the limelight for very long. Maybe that one episode dedicated to her could have been too much. I’m not complaining about her though; the exploration of her facade was interesting enough to me. I lump Saori and Kanano in the same boat, since they are by far the most normal girls Kyousuke will ever have the luck of interacting with. Which makes me realize they form a common combo within anime: the rich girl and the genki tomboy vying for the MC.

Yeah. I obviously prefer Kanako. I could never turn down a character voiced by Yukari Tamura. If they were crazy, that’s a different story.

I did enjoy the first season. The second season also had some good points, like the Ayase and Kanoko scenes. Even a Kuroneko route would have been decent love story. But everything else fell by the way side, when the “main” conflict of Kirino versus Manami comes to head. Came out of nowhere. It’s barely hinted at in the first season. If someone would kindly point me to an episode where it may have been alluded to, please do so in the comments.

Ah, it’s turning into another SAO for me. It’s when the beginning stretch shows lots of promise that I need to worry. Which.. is currently happening with Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. I’m enjoying that show a lot, so far. (Only three episodes watched however.) But this post was another wake-up call. At least I’m finished watching this show for good.

I’ve honestly never seen or witnessed the word pobblebonk before until this post, and the resultant wikipedia/youtube search for it. Why I was able to imagine a real word without any context is anyone’s guess.

Link: witness the pobblebonk’s cry of love

This is off-topic. What’s up with Tokyo Encounter? Is it no longer being produced? I am disappoint if true.

Pobblebonkery is a real word.

Many years occur. 2012 was one of them.


I completely, and totally had 7 drafts of articles that had over 500 words of text. Some close to 1000+. But now I’m lazy, and the only thing I want to post on my blog is nonsensical fluff that always seems to get attention and a picture I screencapped from watching Chuunibyou that represents absolutely nothing that has occurred in my life.

Kyoto Animation, stop being faggots and do an anime with a plot worth everyone’s time. Yes, I enjoyed Hyouka.

More Strike Witches please. Mädchen und Panzer would be nice, too.

The most experimental thing I saw this year was Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita. Get it together, Japan. Where’s my next Serial Experiments Lain?

Sword Art Online for being the next best Best Mediocre anime, alongside with Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

Stop bashing Yamakan. You know you’d be bashing someone else, regardless if they made a good anime or not.

I think people hate how widescreen enabled my site is.

Buy Akikan DVDs for your friends. So they know what “jumping the crust” and pizza money are.

Chihiro from The World God Only Knows/Kami nomi zo shiru sekai is still my waifu.

I regret getting back into manga, only to find out the many that I did read are getting adaptations. Fuck you elitists. I hate this feel so much.

Studio FEEL better not fuck up my Minami-ke. And Hosaka needs more screen time.

Everyone is still Kyon-sexual.


And all the serious things I wanted to say this year will have to wait because I don’t believe in my own writing skill enough that they are ready to be read by other human eyes. People have standards, and the only thing I could ever do in my power is to make the intro paragraph decent enough for you to decide whether or not you want to read the rest.

Many years occur. 2012 was one of them.