Nichijou is Legal

Would you like your mug to contain coffee coffee?!

There should be some kind of metric for humor. Or at least some way of better convincing someone they should be laughing at something. But this isn’t a post about that. Nichijou is finally legal at the ripe episode of 18, and what do we get? The Embarrassment of Yuuko Aioi. Jesus Butt-fondling Christ I had a haddock. Because fish is all your references must point to when talking about anime, since it’s from the land of Japan. I laughed very hard during Yuuko’s train ride of mistakes. It wasn’t a derail unfortunately, but the destination was ultimately kind of boring. One of the few times where I really didn’t feel the vibe it was going for. Mai in the knight get-up trying to troll Yuuko into going trick or treating made me sad.

More importantly, the image I’m using made me reminisce for the days I actively drew stuff for fun. I had a character with snake pupil eyes, and whenever she entered her higher form of strength and concentration, her pupils would rotate to a horizontal position. Very obvious symbolism of the “unlocking of powers” type of character development. Man, I sucked at character design.

There was also one time where I had a dream that a cop pulled me over to ask me, “You know I pulled you over, right?” To which I would reply affirmatively. The policeman nods in agreement and returns to his patrol car and zooms off to find someone else to pull over. I woke up at that point and wondered what it meant. It meant that I would eat bread in 5 minutes. Yuuko’s dream in the last segment was easily better than mine. (Not that I was ever implying my dreams are awesome, because they’re not. They are disappointingly bland.)

See the ratings for the episode.

Nichijou is Legal