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This show. THIS SHOW.

It’s like A-1 Pictures are the guys to go to for producing job themed anime. Ever since they did Working!!, I was hoping they’d do more of these sitcoms. They’re surprisingly similar to the regular sitcoms that are produced right here in United States. At least the ones that are focused on comedy rather than drama. The opening sequence was also quite a thing. It was immediately attention grabbing, that’s for sure. The only other thing left needed to have me biting at the fringes of this delectable episode was the presence of interesting seiyuu.

I managed to identify several seiyuu off the bat. The three easily identifiable were Sakurai Takahiro, Toyosaki Aki, and Nakahara Mai. And then I sort of knew Kayano Ai and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I managed to identify his voice from Bakatest as Yuuji, but the actual voice he’s using is miles different. Guess I picked up on that nasal voice quality he seems to have. Kayano Ai’s range and voice separation is pretty good, so unless you’ve watched her in several shows (Rinne no Lagrange, anohana, Ben-to, Senyuu, Oreshura), you’ll have a hard time doing single episode identification.

And to finish this entry off, I’d like to fag it up, and bust a nutbladder over the fact that Nakahara Mai is Mihoshi. It’s so perfect. But at the same time… I’m imagining her character as Hakurei Reimu because of the MAIKAZE doujin anime adaptation of Touhou. Which brings me to another thought about Touhou. It really would seem like A-1 Pictures would be the studio to do a Touhou adaptation. They’re pretty good at this animation production thing, you know.

I’m not going to link to all of the anime and seiyuu I’ve mentioned. However, I will link you to Nakahara Mai because frankly, she’s a monster. Once you see who she’s voiced, you’ll understand me.

Oh, right. Happy 4th of July, residents of the United States. Enjoy the fooding!

Servant x Service x Cube

The Anime Summer Season of 2010

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In about two weeks, we’ll have first contact with the latest season of animu. We’ll be as wide-eyed just like a Yuno in a confusing situation, eyeballing for any hint of logic or watermelons. Or we can just patiently await the moe particles and awesome lasers, like Fumika in the above image.

There’s already eight series I’m awaiting to view. That already is probably 20 GB minimum of HDD space, with approximate values of 12 episodes per series, and all at around 200 MB per episode. I’m keen to download higher file sizes if the quality of the video merits it, so that increases the minimum to 25 GB. And not all of them will be only 12 episodes. Then again, there’s still a chance of dropping a series

I gauge HDD space usage before a season even starts. I don’t want to talk about the BD rips I wanted to download for stuff that was released two seasons ago. 70gb for only maybe 3-4 series? I’m going to need another external HDD.

.. I also feel like I’ve used that image before. Oh well.

The Anime Summer Season of 2010