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Sank Area

I honestly didn’t expect that much from Studio DEEN when I saw a small synopsis of this show. The small image I saw at the time wasn’t a very good indicator of the style either. Boy was I wrong. The show boasts a strong and solid first episode that is done well enough to let you know if you’re going to like the rest of it. Unfortunately, it was a very low key episode, reminiscent of a talking heads episode from either Steins;Gate or the monogatari series (Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari). It is not as heady and rapid fire as Nisemonogatari, and not sci-fi like Steins;Gate. Instead it treads lightly with a dead atmosphere. It’s reinforced by it’s OP/ED, which I think manage to capture the mood well enough that they don’t sound completely unrelated to the series.

It’s three episodes in, and with that standard metric of three episodes per impression, this one left a quiet, but strong one. The third episode alone leaves with a cliffhanger for all those who love unresolved conflicts. However, all I see happening is character drama and maybe some undead drama. Should you watch it? Well, it’s hard to say. If anything, it’s not a moe blob anime, and nor is it a big-boobed, ecchi anime. (I say this with a screencap of a well endowed character cradling her breasts.) It’s the other zombie anime to watch this season aside from Kore wa zombie desu ka? of the Dead. Sankarea the manga is somehow described as a humor series as well from various places, but I’m not sure what to expect. It’s definitely not going to be wacky humor, which will kill any mood and atmosphere it’s already got going for it. If you’ve read the manga beforehand… well, all of your kind always complain about adaptation issues anyways.

And it’s Studio DEEN. Come on, I’ve got the right to be a little skeptical.

I really do hate it when the intro and outro music don’t fit the anime. Obviously subjective, but dammit, being immersed is the only way I can get through an episode without laughing at points where I shouldn’t. Sankarea very much avoids this pitfall.


Shinryaku! Zombie Otoko

Decided to use more than one image, because this seriously needs the attention for no reason! And pardon the title. I can’t help but notice that zombies are a modern cultural phenomenon that is continuing to invade my animu. I’m fairly certain the largest reason I’m going to continue this show is that I haven’t skipped the opening and ending song sequences. I never thought I’d end up listening to the OP and ED more than once because my music taste rarely crosses paths with anime OP/ED songs. But I can’t help but appreciate the music of this series because it’s close to what sounds like something I already listen to, along with the eclectic mixture of music styles in the ED piquing my interest.

The soft music from the cold start and various parts of the episode certainly clash with the harder rock music of the OP. The samba and waltz of the ED are also interesting since they incorporated the new trend of synthesized 8-bit noises. But it was in the soft music that had a rather nice melodic progression that really clicked with me.

Anyone who’s been here before, or whoever knows me personally, knows how much I like looking up who’s working on the anime I watch. So first things is first: I was kind of worried this is Studio DEEN’s doing. I may give DEEN a lot of flak, along with a lot of others. But I urge those and anyone to give this one a shot, simply because of the music. Yes, for some reason it is the biggest reason I’ve become a sucker for this show. We can thank Shinji Kakijima and Keiichi Nozaki for the awesome musics.

Time to address the primary concern of most people: Studio DEEN. True, there’s now a couple of anime on DEEN’s record not exactly showing high quality. But I’m going to be optimistic here, since DEEN brought me three appealing characters in the first episode already. I’ll wait it out until episode 5, which is being rather generous.