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Hitsugi no Chaika – 01


There’s a couple of aspects of this show that I’m already highly appreciative. Our hero, under attack by a caring and violent sister, prioritized the safety of the plate and fork. He (Tohru Acura) is portrayed as a だめ男/dame-otoko/worthless person that hasn’t done his part for the sibling’s livelihood, yet they’ve left him a consistent sliver of skill and adaptability. I don’t mind it when he is designed to get us to feel for him. But I do mind it if he’s given something on a silver platter. Not only has the direction of the anime done this correctly, it’s also adopting a “Show, Don’t Tell” facet concerning how the characters are internalizing their feelings. In short, I didn’t notice a ridiculous amount of inner monologue and exposition. I’m going to be eating these words if I turn out to be wrong after this first episode, though.

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Dr. Chuunibyou or: How I Learned to Stop Being a Faggot and Love Moé


Who is that? Why do you do this Kyoto Animation?! I’ve circled the perpetrator, in red, in the above image. Given the track record KyoAni has with random scene participants, we’re most likely not going to see her again. Remember that one second in the first season of K-ON! when Yui passes by the Occult Club? A smoothly animated silhouette appears before a scene change and she’s nowhere to be found throughout both seasons. The two Occult Club members we do get to see don’t have the hair length of the shadowy figure that randomly appeared behind Yui.

This episode. This episode. I can’t handle a dere (でれ) Dekomori. Such is it that we return to our blessed previous status quo. Although it was interesting to see just how dedicated Dekomori is to the Mabinogion and Mori Summer. Is it boredom, or a coping mechanism? I’m personally leaning towards Dekomori suffering from plain boredom. It does pain me to see such vivid imaginations of chuunibyou sufferers manifest as animated scenes. We all know it looks silly (unless animated by KyoAni). But there’s also the time when you know it looks silly, and then do it anyway. That’s called growing up. Growing up also means taxes, and taxes aren’t fun. Unless you’re playing a city-building simulator, then tax away. How else are you going to fund that chemical reclamation plant?

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