Why Space Is Stupid.

Before I have a go at space itself, let’s start out with a link to an image first. Go ahead and look at it first. I found it while poking around at Kotaku.com, and found it in one of the comments in this news bit.

Why Space Is Stupid.jpg (1.81 MB)

Seriously. What the hell, science? We’re spending so much time futzing around Earth and killing each other over politics and whales, when we could be out there in the vast beauty of outer space! It minds the boggle! Inconceivable! There’s no reason why we couldn’t be out there researching outer space. Or killing ourselves in outer space over the same things (space politics and space whales). I want my real life EVE Online already. If we ever figure out there’s a new set of physics rules to learn, or that some rules were meant to be broken, it probably means there’s a viable means of traveling through space and we’ve just had our heads stuck in the sand.

The one thing I’m definitely amazed at is how long the Hubble satellite was looking at a tiny spot in the sky. 4 months just to take a picture. And it reveals that much.

image credit to isai shizuka

Why Space Is Stupid.