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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Shadows and contrast. HDR in my animu? More likely than you think!

The show started off with a weak foot. I didn’t expect to be watching it in chunks of episodes, but I guess that’s how it worked out for me. Lucky for me that I still managed to download them each week. But I pushed myself to watch the last 4 episodes in one salvo. I’m once again disappointed that I’d have to wait again for this show to have another chance at a second season, since this stuff usually only gets one shot. But then again, Maria+Holic S2 is coming along, so I can still hope, right?

Aside from my bias for SHAFT shows until they create an absolute pile of shit (ok.. their joints with Gainax got kind of close), they’ve once again closed Soredemo with a hilarious and possibly tear-jerking episode. Maybe those tears are from laughing, or the drama-bomb we’re given in episode 12. Which one was the reason for you?