Aetherial Procedure


Yep. I’m a total sucker for shows like this. It doesn’t help that I found out the writer for Kanon and Sola (Hisaya Naoki) is doing his duty for this show, Sora no Method. I really enjoyed those two shows, so there’s bound to be a few fresh ideas, if not merely some clever rehashing of common storytelling that I absolutely don’t mind. After all, I am merely a participating audience member and not some high-brow professional critic of anime (which I could never be, to begin with). There’s definitely a few people out there who can do it. But none of them are my friend, and they also do not write for anyone. Maybe. I clearly don’t pay attention to reviews and impressions from people who are paid to do such things. Why else would I be doing such silly things when I currently have methods like the “3 Episode Taste Test” and proprietary scoring methods no one uses like my Plus-Minus System and Percent Suckage?

But I do know sakuga when I see it. I learned the bare minimum towards art appreciation: a couple of computer animation courses (of the 2D variety), and a spattering of traditional art classes. Didn’t take the Art Appreciation course, because that’s for scrubs. The time that didn’t go into art, instead was diverted to practicing guitar and training for a job. So when several elements combine through the hiring of professionals I admire and inbetween frames we all know cost a pretty penny, I can’t help but be instantly enamored with the show.. which I was also just about to shorten to SnM. S&M?

Oh boy.

Wait. It’s not that kind of show.

The director (Masayuki Sakoi) also worked on Strawberry Panic!, which I enjoyed far more than I probably should have. A friend of mine always makes snide remarks about me liking the show, but that doesn’t stop the burning lesbian passion of an all-girls school cast from being enjoyable to watch. I’m not sure if working on that show is a plus or a minus. Man, now I want to re-watch Strawberry Panic! just for the hell of it.

Yeah, Noel is just a bag of DFC I want to unpack and.. if I had a bag of DFC, what would be the tangible item? Just a loli in a bag? I guess I’m okay with that.

I’m slightly disappointed in the lack of funny English from SAO, which I occasionally watch in dub form. No more “penis hearts” to enjoy. Yes, I’m still bringing it up.

Aetherial Procedure