Kill Me Baby OST + Goshiki Agiri being sensual.

Holy cow. Normally I wouldn’t dedicate a single post upon listening to an anime OST unless it was damn good (e.g. Baccano, Bamboo Blade, Cowboy Bebop) or simply sounded like a normal concept album that I’d actually pick up and listen to, and not some kind of string of musics that were obviously written for a section of an episode.

My ears nearly exploded when I heard Koutei Oudan Kousoku Tetsudou (track 10). It was a mind-bending, psychedelic, free jazz song crushed into a minute, written to sound like a song that a Japanese Alan Pasqua that couldn’t catch the train fast enough and had dropped his favorite pastry in the process, thus making him miss the opportunity to play in the Mahavishnu Orchestra resulting in a bad mood, would have written. For some reason I don’t recognize the track at all. Which is a probably a big indicator that I haven’t finished the series. I should promptly get on that, but there’s so much other things to do. Like play Skyrim and Vindictus.

The rest of the OST is unfortunately very much OST-like, and just sounds like the sound engineer dicking around with a chaos pad, sine waves, moderate amounts of experimental Polka beats, and a little bit of bossa nova for good measure. It’s all appropriate for what the show was and somewhat entertaining to listen to, but it ain’t some magical score that elevates a show to higher tiers of awesome. It also has a track that suddenly gets all Andy McKee on us. What.

Additionally, the Goshiki Agiri character album has a prime example of the silly voice within an anime getting a song completely not befitting of it’s primary function. Maybe it’s just me being a faggot for the very heavy usage of traditional Japanese scales combined with dat moé pop sheen music production, along with Takabe Ai’s Agiri voice. But dammit, “Teenage High School Ninja Girl” is such an earworm of a song. It’s a very potent mixture if you can appreciate a joke song coincidentally being written by professional musicians. Go find the FLAC files for it because the placebo effect of realizing it’s 31MB for a 4 minute song will probably help. The lyrics sound inane, but who cares? It’s like Agiri whispering into your ears. It’s very pleasant to listen to, as well as highly arousing. (YMMV)

And have a Sonya tripping over herself in a moé fashion because all maids do it so they can sue you for logistical, geographical and philosophical harassment.

The ED is also good. Go memorize that dance and perform it live at AnimeExpo 2012; you’ll be youtube superstars.

Kill Me Baby OST + Goshiki Agiri being sensual.

Skyrim and Haganai

These things share two things in common. I can’t get enough of either of them, and there’s people who complain about how it looks.

Skyrim is getting a glut of informational write-ups on how to make the game look “better”. Admittedly, there’s a couple of instances of wishing the visual fidelity was questionable. I don’t always have a problem with how it looks. It would be extremely nitpicky of me to squish my character’s face against a rock slab and declare, “This kind of texture resolution is unacceptable!”. Quite frankly, I’m happy that it already feels less buggy than I anticipated. Some faggots think it’s incredibly buggy and broken with no recourse available to salvage what’s left of the game. Lucky for us they’re a relatively small minority (but still louder than ever).  I think it’s a great game and it’d be a huge disservice to the game if your only reason not to play it was because someone else told you it was buggy. Besides, the game does eventually get fixed via official patches or through fan created fixes.

Haganai, otherwise known as Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai, has our male protagonist luckily not in Nordic skivvies. In fact, he looks rather dashing if you look at the top image. That is if you know nothing about Japanese culture and their silly nomenclature for guys who have lived 30 years and not experienced the warmth of a lover.

Actually, I’m not sure if there are people who complain about Haganai’s look. The show has taken a few dips in the art, but nothing nearly as notorious as some parts in the second season of Minami-ke. Oddly enough, there was one episode that had an entire segment that was decidedly animated by a highly skilled someone, and now the name escapes me. Perhaps I’ll rewatch that season to provide screencaps of the horrendous and the beautiful.

I’m personally rather happy to hear Misato Fukuen voicing Rika. Her role as Miyafuji Yoshika in Strike Witches was great, and puts her voice to great effect in Rika’s debut episode. Rika screaming “UNIVERSE!!!” was hilarious, and somehow arousing. I can gush about Marina Inoue and Kanae Itou too, but that’ll take up another entry.

Almost approaching 400 words, so I’ll shut up and save it for later.


Skyrim and Haganai