Silver Spoons, Golden Episode, Diamond Pickaxe.


This picture out of context just looks silly. An undetermined amount of happiness. Who is truly smiling, and which of them is planning something? I ended up laughing for 17 seconds over it.

I have decided with the fourth episode to definitely follow this series. Some series simply need that golden episode to seal the deal. Episode 4 did just that for me. It was an episode of the process of effort and reward, and also experience building within a character. I felt that Hachiken became a more interesting character ever since his conflict with dreams and goals were expanded upon. It’s something I can understand, since I had a hard time thinking about what my big dreams, lofty goals, and I as a person should be, until I realized I’m not the kind of person for hugely ambitious thoughts. So whenever a show tries to develop inter-character relationships with flatly designed characters who have boringly similar goals, it irritates me. Silver Spoon deftly evades this kind of shithole by having a contrast between Hachiken and the rest. It’s probably why I tend to drop regular shounen anime.

Perhaps the author (Arakawa Hiromu) of Silver Spoon knew what most people could sympathize with. Almost everyone has to go through the same process of wandering through that thought trap of “What am I?” and how to answer it. Not everyone manages to answer it, and certainly, it’s harder to do with no one to rely on. Hachiken is lucky to have been surrounded by people with no pretense as to what he should do. It was essentially a perfect place for Hachiken to learn what his skills can do for himself.

Silver Spoon ended up being a fun show to watch. It’ll keep reminding me that it looks like FullmetalĀ Alchemist. In any case, Silver Spoon is an exception. Try to watch it until the fourth episode, as opposed to that standard 3 episode test. The 3 episode test will still work, but the hook is in the fourth. It’s what the show is about.

Also, it’s a fucking agriculture anime. I’ve been left high and dry with no more Moyashimon seasons coming anytime soon. It’s no surprise that this show is from the noitaminA time slot.

You’d be hard pressed to realize it’s not Studio BONES doing the animation. Some of the inbetween frames might be the giveaway. A-1 Picture is doing a damn fine job recreating Arakawa Hiromu’s art style.

This episode almost reminded me of the time I flattened two mountains and made a huge ravine in vanilla Minecraft just to make a giant cube.

Silver Spoons, Golden Episode, Diamond Pickaxe.