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Food Documentaries


When I learned that the twitter account for Shokugeki no Soma announced the second season for a Summer showing, I was watching a whole slew of food documentaries on Netflix. I just finished the Netflix original Cooked, which has reminded me about how food is often the focal point or an element of an anime, even if just for an episode. I feel that occasionally, we accuse anime of being over the top. But in reality, it’s not nearly as amazing at how we humans actually are crazy for food. One might laugh or be doubtful at Nakiri Alice, for being a character who relies on highly sophisticated technology to nurture her cooking style. On the other end is home-made comfort food. Tadokoro Megumi is practically the embodiment of home cooking, which is mostly end-all-be-all for a lot of peoples’ palate. It gets pretty silly.

But after watching Cooked, we are a crazy population. We go all out. Sometimes we present food through complete mastery of preparation, as unaltered and wild as possible. Or masters of manipulation, utilizing chemistry and biology to deepen our control over our eats.

As a source of entertainment, in anime we often get the so-called foodgasm, with accompanying food porn. I don’t know about others, but I’m pretty darn susceptible to it, resulting in extra saliva generation. It’s the next best thing, really. Since, as humans, we can usually tell if a commercial has used fake/synthetic materials to make food more visually appealing. I’d rather ogle at a well drawn plate of food, since it’s two things I like to appreciate: technical mastery of still-life illustration, and food that just looks so fucking tasty.

I’m pretty darn excited for Shokugeki no Soma season two.


Shokugeki no Hishoko


Hishoko is best ko (子), right?  Really. I always have a tendency to have unwieldy adoration for side characters.

Shokugeki no Soma unsurprisingly leapt straight into my ‘Watch Each Week’ list, with it’s solid execution and large amount of characters. Although, I feel that some characters may have been designed too much to be individual islands of personae — simplified and typified with no overlap or bleeding. I like it when any one single character can have a connection to the others, regardless of how faint it may be. It lends a bit more realism in an anime where you’d normally deign to think of it occurring. The show still did manage some of it. Souma, being the MC, is naturally the one who should have most of this property.  Which brings me to the big reason I decided to write about Shokugeki no Soma this late, after the show has been over.

Hisako lovers unite!!