Sexy no Chaika


Chaika! Why you be sexy on the bed? Could you do it somewhere else? Probably not. Oh well. OH YEAH.

Here we go. While we did get the usual “Let’s stand around and explain more plot.” kind thing going on, we also got some.. surprises along the way. In fact, it’s so spoiler laden, anything I say will probably ruin it for those sensitive to future particles. Yeah, I know. Normally I’d be up front, and say the spoiler warning in the same screen space as said spoiler. But this time, the least I can say, is that it’s trying to pounding home the real reason why we should be supporting our grammar limited Chaika, instead of the all the other ones that seem to retain their desire for revenge.

Also… Frederica. Uh, nevermind. That’s going to be a spoiler no matter how I say it. Only thing I can say, is that I verbally reacted with “HOLY SHIT.”

So keep watching! If you haven’t been watching this show, then..┬ácome back later.

Seriously, Frederica. Bring a towel with you, or something. A handkerchief will do.

Sexy no Chaika