Servant x Service = ⑨


Interesting to see that Touko-chwan is still cute today. Wait. What I really wanted to say was that she’s no longer used as a staple tsundere. Nor an imported exotic tsundere. I’d totally lick her. Yeah. Because imports are the best. (Not always.) Touko’s charm as a plain high school girl is starting to shine through! Okay, I might be dragging this slight sarcasm really far. But for some reason I really adore Touko. It’s that silly habit of mine again, getting attracted to side characters that can barely contribute to the main plot.

It also took me until episode 9 to realize that Touko is Ookubo Rumi, who had also voiced Yuzuko from Yuyushiki.

Lucy’s naivety and airheadedness is quite a thing. At first I thought I was going to hate Hasebe. But there’s so much crap he’s been getting, I feel for him. I heartily laughed though when Kaoru decided to relay her marriage via Miyoshi and Lucy. It’s as if she knew it wouldn’t properly get across to Hasebe. What a trickster; the ability to break hearts and phones without even lying to someone.

Lucy is totally a ⑨. This show manages to capitalize on it, and I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

I watched the Magical Mirai 2013 Miku Concert. Dang, they spent a lot of money. It also looked like they finally hired dancers and choreographers because instead of just slowly flailing around to the beat, Miku and company were actually moving around. The amount of minor animation details skyrocketed compared to past performances. It does create a weird visual discrepancy when a particular dance move is captured so well. I was often thinking, “The body is moving realistic enough, that it’s now weird to realize its head has Miku’s face.”

Servant x Service = ⑨

Kobayashi Yuu, why? WHY?


Episode 5 was simply a multitude of sucker punches packing the strength of 15 bulldozers, 3 worker ants, 7 ancient Persian spearmen, and 4 strips of breath-saving, minty bubblegum.

From the second you realize that Lucy slept next to someone, you’re then given two facts: it’s a girl, and it’s a Hasebe. Then she pulls the “I’m actually a woman!” trope, which is quickly proven wrong when Hasebe Yutaka walks in. Then you realize Kobayashi Yuu is voicing Hasebe Kaoru, the girl in question. Mere seconds into the episode I had to pause and catch all of that.

Then proceed to get an even more ridiculous revelation from Chihaya mid-way through the episode.

But really. Let’s go back to Kobayashi Yuu. She’s kinda weird. I remember watching the extras for Maria+Holic. She’s a very hyper person. Or at least, can change her temperament on a dime.

Then I also get to think about who else is in this show. Toyosaki and Takahiro are pro. I already know how much I like their work, but I’ve been missing out on Nakahara Mai roles that I enjoy. Wish there was more Miyoshi no deban. The café scene wasn’t long enough. Even Touko was a little cute during that part. Actually, I really think Touko is cute. Her character design is so simple, and rather plain if you remove that perma-angry vein. I’m just kinda waiting until there’s some kind of joke about that anger vein; they are really just flower stickers she puts on in the morning.

Please don’t let Kobayashi draw an end card.

Interesting revelation after I checked Nakahara’s wikipedia entry: I saw every 2003 anime she was in.

Kobayashi Yuu, why? WHY?

Yui Hirasawa: The After College Years


Megumi Chihaya is awesome. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to what Yui Hirasawa of K-ON! may mature into. Just imagine Yui mellowing out a bit after college, growing her hair out while adding another pair of hair clips  to manage her bangs. Not only that, Chihaya’s exhibits the ability to shamelessly cosplay in a public place such as a civil ward office. Mmmhmm, our Yui-chan is definitely an adult now. It’s also infinitely more plausible since Chihaya is voiced by none other than Toyosaki Aki herself.

So yeah. I’m definitely enjoying Servant x Service. When one starts living past that rosy high-school life and enters that gray area of adulthood, this show connects with you at a deeper level; unmistakably so if you actually work as a civil servant. But it’s not like you need to be working as one to enjoy the show. We watch these crazy, fantastical shows with settings and characters that rarely depict themselves as realistic as possible. If you want that, you’d be watching a regular TV channel [at non-anime hours] for that. Perhaps after years of watching fantasy and sci-fi anime, something down to earth starts looking more appealing, instead of boring.

What’s the latest Servant x Service episode about? I’m not telling. Particularly because I’ve never understood the reason for reading a episodic summary. I’m not about to do one either.

Let’s ignore that. The music of this show is spot on. It sounds like stuff in my current non-anime collection, with an eclectic mix of jazz-influenced instrumentation, in addition with the typical A-1 Pictures “working man” music stylings. Should have expected this, since Working!!‘s OST is the same goodness that we hear in Servant x Service. And the ED is damn pleasant to listen to. Almost sounds like it was performed by Round Table feat. Nino, who has nothing to do with this show. Go listen to them anyway. They’ll remind you of a lot of different anime. Like Aria the Animation. Or Chobits. Maybe even Gunbuster 2.

Why the hell are trumpets so perfect for sitcoms with office/job settings?

Also, Toyosaki’s voice is so sexy when she’s given a calmer, or deadpan, character. Hnng. It always lets me sleep at night. Interpret that as you will. (Oh yeah.)

Yui Hirasawa: The After College Years

Servant x Service x Cube


This show. THIS SHOW.

It’s like A-1 Pictures are the guys to go to for producing job themed anime. Ever since they did Working!!, I was hoping they’d do more of these sitcoms. They’re surprisingly similar to the regular sitcoms that are produced right here in United States. At least the ones that are focused on comedy rather than drama. The opening sequence was also quite a thing. It was immediately attention grabbing, that’s for sure. The only other thing left needed to have me biting at the fringes of this delectable episode was the presence of interesting seiyuu.

I managed to identify several seiyuu off the bat. The three easily identifiable were Sakurai Takahiro, Toyosaki Aki, and Nakahara Mai. And then I sort of knew Kayano Ai and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I managed to identify his voice from Bakatest as Yuuji, but the actual voice he’s using is miles different. Guess I picked up on that nasal voice quality he seems to have. Kayano Ai’s range and voice separation is pretty good, so unless you’ve watched her in several shows (Rinne no Lagrange, anohana, Ben-to, Senyuu, Oreshura), you’ll have a hard time doing single episode identification.

And to finish this entry off, I’d like to fag it up, and bust a nutbladder over the fact that Nakahara Mai is Mihoshi. It’s so perfect. But at the same time… I’m imagining her character as Hakurei Reimu because of the MAIKAZE doujin anime adaptation of Touhou. Which brings me to another thought about Touhou. It really would seem like A-1 Pictures would be the studio to do a Touhou adaptation. They’re pretty good at this animation production thing, you know.

I’m not going to link to all of the anime and seiyuu I’ve mentioned. However, I will link you to Nakahara Mai because frankly, she’s a monster. Once you see who she’s voiced, you’ll understand me.

Oh, right. Happy 4th of July, residents of the United States. Enjoy the fooding!

Servant x Service x Cube