Seven Day Comrade


It was really hard trying to find a relatively dynamic screenshot for Isshuukan Friends, so have a shot with the main character in the smallest screen space possible.

I’m happy there’s now a recent anime about anterograde amnesia, rather than retrograde. The last I can remember a character suffered anterograde was inĀ Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. Retrograde is almost always utilized. It is miles more convenient for plot, allowing for the victim’s past to be revealed at any desired pace. During a science feature and documentary watching binge I did a couple of years ago, it included a feature on science via incredible survivors of relatively rare events that would have otherwise incapacitated most people. Clive Wearing is a man whose memory spans from seven to thirty seconds before it is wiped to its starting point. You could ask him a question, he would start answering it, and forget the question halfway. It feels like pity may become a theme of this show.

Fiction that features anterograde memory tends to bring along a Can of Sadness. Stories about the condition commonly cite that victims’ family or friends who must deal with it, feel stressed out to know that a loved one may continue to have the inability to permanently remember new experiences in their life. I can’t imagine how it feels over time. They will grow old, and have this gap of time in their memory. All you remember are things before the “bump” in memory. In the worst case, you’d have both anterograde and retrograde. There would be a part of memory that only ever knows a fraction of life. Sad stuff. I just wonder if the show will focus on the lighter side of the setup, rather than the downsides of having anterograde amnesia.

I most likely will not dedicate my watching time to this show. The first episode did not feel compelling enough. The high school setting isn’t helping, but there’s been plenty of evidence that doesn’t stop an anime from being good. It’s just a lot easier to gain sympathy from most viewers because of this setting. At least, that’s how I see it.

Seven Day Comrade sounds like a movie I’d watch. A badass Russian befriends the main character, only to have the past catch up to him. Who must sacrifice themselves for the other? Who will do it first? Or is anything ever what it seems? DUN-dun-dunnnnnn!

Seven Day Comrade

Why Space Is Stupid.

Before I have a go at space itself, let’s start out with a link to an image first. Go ahead and look at it first. I found it while poking around at, and found it in one of the comments in this news bit.

Why Space Is Stupid.jpg (1.81 MB)

Seriously. What the hell, science? We’re spending so much time futzing around Earth and killing each other over politics and whales, when we could be out there in the vast beauty of outer space! It minds the boggle! Inconceivable! There’s no reason why we couldn’t be out there researching outer space. Or killing ourselves in outer space over the same things (space politics and space whales). I want my real life EVE Online already. If we ever figure out there’s a new set of physics rules to learn, or that some rules were meant to be broken, it probably means there’s a viable means of traveling through space and we’ve just had our heads stuck in the sand.

The one thing I’m definitely amazed at is how long the Hubble satellite was looking at a tiny spot in the sky. 4 months just to take a picture. And it reveals that much.

image credit to isai shizuka

Why Space Is Stupid.