Bokura wa Minna Zetsubou


I’m in despair. I’m in despair because I didn’t ask wasn’t ready for this image. I also didn’t spend enough time looking for a silly alternate title for the show. Please settle for the lazy reference.

I’m also not going to call this show by its English name. It’s too long. So I’m internally going to call it Hotel Kawai. Even though it’s not a hotel. The main character may as well be declaring his despair at every turn. But he’ll grow into it. There’s no escape for Usa, our main character. You wanted a peaceful life? The author will give you a circus to live in. And at every chance, he will suffer and despair. It’s totally not as bad as I’m trying to force it to be. I’m just trying to run with the Zetsubou Sensei vibe I started. Let’s just hope it doesn’t pull the crazy mind-fsck that Zetsubou Sensei actually does. Yeah, I’ve finished reading it. When you realize what you’ve been reading and/or watching all this time was all planned, please take a picture of your face at that moment, and share it. I’m sure the rest of us will share the pain laugh at your expense. But not without recognizing what our own faces did. Seriously, Kumeta Kouji is a hell of a writer.

Satou Rina, I like it when you voice sexy onee-san types. As much as her voice may be iconic to thousands as Misaka Mikoto, I feel that her voice is better suited to 20-something characters. Also, what the hell is up with the line up? Hanazawa Kana and Kanemoto Hisako are also in this show. While I adore all three seiyuu, I’m not sure there is enough variation. I consider them to be in very close in voice type. I’ll just have to place my faith up front and hope for the best.

But there’s a couple of hints all is not lost if this show doesn’t seem your type. The series composition and script is being handled by Takeshi Konuta, who has also done work on Blood Lad and Library War, two shows that were highly enjoyable due to having good pacing and writing.

The only thing you have to worry about, is that the animation production is done by Brains Base. Akikan.

I have a feeling that Satou’s character, Mayumi, is going to be the biggest reason I’m going to watch this show. Not a good sign for the show if a side character straddles my attention away that quickly.

Bokura wa Minna Zetsubou