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Cheap Games: Resonance of Fate

I decided to go JRPG hunting after gorging myself on Vindictus and other PC games, when I remembered a game from last year that competed with Final Fantasy 13 for sales — in the same month. Nearly a death sentence in this era of gaming, compounded by the fact that it was a game that experimented. Experimental games can always backfire in the gaming industry. Either the sales are inadequate, breaks even, or is a complete blockbuster.

But you didn’t come to read something about the gaming industry from an outsider’s view point. There’s a cheap game, and it’s Resonance of Fate. It’s currently on for 17.03USD, a mighty fine price for a rather hefty amount of gaming. No point in convincing anyone to buy it because anyone who’s wanted to play it might have been waiting for it to become this cheap. I wouldn’t wait too long. Feels like they’d run out of copies at some point.

I bought my own copy just 10 minutes ago. You should too.