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God dammit. (Podcast/recording/audio related.)

It’s not fair to make silly excuses for not showing up routinely with something that’s supposed be made weekly. For us, it’s been our podcast. If I can’t produce a podcast for one week, I usually just wait until next production week and make up for it with content. No excuses made. Besides, this is all in good fun.

But goddamit. Just a few minutes ago while editing the audio file in Audacity Beta 1.3.2, it crashes hard on me after a simple edit. In my case it was deleting less than a second of noise. Audacity crashes on me and loses all of my progress. I boot the software back up with hopes of trying to salvage. It pops up a dialogue box that says I can try to recover the progress that it supposedly could bring back. When I click on the button to recover the data, the dialogue disappears and nothing happens.

“Isn’t there supposed to be two tracks with my audio?”
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