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RAGEcast # 4

Since we felt that there was just too much gaming goodness to pass up, we’ve completely split the podcast into two. One for the gaming, and one for the anime. The one in this post is the gaming one! Have a look at the list of topics after the link.

This is where your fate lies!



Recettear Once Again!

This game is addictive.

I just spent my entire Friday trying to be the best item shop owner I could ever be. I really almost ended up living in a cardboard box, with my last sale to Charme finally putting me only a few thousand pix into the green. That last payment was EVIL.

I’m sure there are others who probably don’t have the time, or would rather sink their efforts in to something more productive. Like earning real money. This seems to be my favorite thing to do in video games – earning my keep. I do this with the STALKER games; I end up trying to hoard as much as I can, with minimal ammo usage for an efficient playthrough without getting killed. And in the end, I cash it all in, and feel rewarded for bringing in such a haul. The game isn’t designed solely around it, but who can resist looting your foes when heightened skills mean free weapons and even more ammo? I’m such a loot whore. I tend to disagree with the simplified and icon-based inventory interfaces, but who am I to complain. Give me loot and money – I’ll be a happy camper.

So what do my current favorite games STALKER, EVE Online, and Recettear, all have in common? MONEY!

I like Killing Floor, too. But that’s only because it’s about killing zeds.



If paying debts were like this, real life wouldn't be so bad.

By way of Animal Crossing, I learn that paying bills/debts is incredibly fun. Now there’s another fanciful game making it’s way to English speakers who can’t understand moonrunes.

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is a game made by EasyGameStation. This whimsical game gives me feel-good vibes while still having a fairy breathing down my neck about paying back a debt incurred by the main character’s (Recette’s) father. It’s a fun game that combines the concept of being an RPG item shop simulator and dungeon crawling. There’s even a bit of “buy low, sell high” gameplay for a rather simplified in-game market. Incredibly addictive if you like simple systems, deep inventories and item hoarding goodness.

Go visit the good guys at Carpe Fulgur and give them some love. From what I’ve read, the full game is aiming for an August release at around $20.