Round Heads Are Moe

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Mahouka continues to be somehow boring and interesting to me at the same time. On one hand, it’s pacing is now jumping around a bit, and things are looking spotty in the pool of motivation that everyone is no longer standing in. Also, a new arc is jumping in after the terrorist one sort of just disappeared after Mr. Eyeglasses got his arm cut off. That’s probably where the issue is. But I have been saved by Erika’s bloomers, Nakajou Azusa’s round head, and Leonhard’s interesting inbetween frame that looks like it belongs in a Studio 4C film. I’m surprised they drew the individual teeth.

And then there’s the first picture I’ve placed to the left. That’s a guy, right? His character design can obviously allow for a masculine jawline and eye shape. Just look at the other characters. Hell, look at Tatsuya or muscle man Juumonji. (Jumanji.) But no. They gave him a face that is just so feminine.

I’m not going to harp on the “badness” of this show just for the kicks. Besides, you’ve got several other blogs doing that for you. The one bad thing that glares out to me that this show is doing, is letting Tatsuya be this badass without even a mote of explanation nor hints. Only Miyuki  — and presumably all the persons and professionals that surround the Shiba/Yotsuba family — knows why Tatsuya is the way he is. Without due exposition, everyone is going to keep calling Tatsuya a Gary Stu. For all I know, perhaps he’s supposed to remain as a Gary Stu.

Oh well. I prefer Tatsuya more than SAO‘s Kirito, whose legacy to me is merely his declaration of “penis hearts”.

Round Heads Are Moe