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The most annoying Idolmaster episode.

Oh Haruka, why are you next to jelly?

I did not like episode 9 of Idolmaster. It focused on the twins Ami & Mami. I thought I was fine with having such characters around. But when the Merry-go-round of Character Focused Episodes rotates far enough, there’s a high chance of experiencing a character focused episode on the character(s) you’ll learn to hate even more. Is it just me? I honestly found myself skipping throughout most of the episode. Couldn’t bear to watch such a pointless episode. Didn’t even feel like a generic filler episode, that usually is supposed to have some kind of vague point, or some character development in it. What did I learn about Ami & Mami in this episode?

They’re fucking annoying.

I don’t think I’ve ever come to the point of blogging an episode because it really got on my nerves (in a bad way), but this really did it. It was the combination of their voices, and the meaningless plot of “Let’s act detective-like because of nothing” pushed right up in my grill that really got to me. If I’m lucky, this will be the highest concentration of (M)Ami I’ll ever see in any episode.

Ugh. Now that I’m done watching and talking about this horrid episode, I’m off to kick jellies in Vindictus for a silly +2 boost to willpower.


Fuel to Fire: Fansubs make me rage, sometimes.


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An Internet Website Design Philosophy Thing # 1

For being an anime site, I’m going to have to jury rig the reason why I feel like I want to talk about website design. When one visits a site for something to read, you want an unobstructed view of the information. So if you want lovely animu boobs/dfc, you don’t want any censorship. The current modern censorship technique in anime is a blinding shaft of light that gets in the way of the scene. It can be hilarious, but it is also incredibly stupid as it destroys the presentation. It’s a definite mood ruiner. The only exception is when the censorship is part of the anime, meaning it is obviously intentional.

I recently visited a couple of Livejournal-esque pages with their content squished in narrow columns barely larger than 400 pixels, on either side of the screen. Instantly closed the browser tab and didn’t bother. On my widescreen monitor (1680×1050), that is over a thousand horizontal pixels wasted. This is a thing that I get angry over, and by you visiting my site, you’ll already notice I love using up the horizontal space. Sure, I understand the need to frame the text. Centering the content, or being considerate to those with small monitors. That is something I don’t mind.

But to those whose content is any smaller than 500 pixels and squished to either side of the monitor: fuck you.