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Ookami-san And Her 7 Dragonballs

I’m just as surprised as the loli in the above picture why I’m still watching this show. It’s not breaking any ground, it airs at 9am in Japan (kid’s slot?), and nothing substantial has happened. The 4th episodeĀ  is following the fast paced single episode of character development technique. Considering this show is only a thirteen episode run, they’ve obviously made some sacrifices. There’s only two things I’d ask of something like this: either it becomes a trainwreck at episode 7, or it continues its lovely alpha wave emissions.

And Dragonball has nothing to do with this post.. unless JC Staff decides to pull a truly strange trainwreck on us. (Which I will watch with glee and a hazard suit.)


A New Unit of Measurement: moentgen.

I recently had an epiphany regarding how to gauge the amount of moe an animu series will emit at varying points in time, and what the effects are on the afflicted.

Would you like to know more?