Podcast # 12 – Vindictus hurts so good

We went far too long without a podcast, so here’s an update on what happened.

Vindictus happened.

Due to that, much time was wasted on playing that game instead of being productive citizens. But fear not! I sent an email out, and friends appeared at my front door to record another podcast. We’ve obviously had a lot of time to cover, so instead of actually doing that, we just talked about whatever. To those who haven’t been listening to us, you’ll realize there’s many things that seem like we talk about repeatedly. This is totally true, which means in order to find out what is so funny to us, you’ll have to listen to previous podcasts. Yes, I’m giving you an odd reason not to listen to this current one, but it’s a warning I’ll have to give. This podcast barely has any real content aside from us meandering among topics like Vindictus, Madoka Magica, EVE Online, K-ON! music, STALKER, Wii 2/HD, Evangelion, hats, Touhou, Nichijou, Heroman, and even Dr. Who.

We also attempted to name our podcast proper. Kind of feels like we still didn’t get it.

Go listen to the Planes and Pants Podcast.

Podcast # 12 – Vindictus hurts so good