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Reactions! E3.

Yay E3. My opinions in particular can be rather baseless, but they’re opinions and I’m not trying to persuade otherwise. This E3 was a joke. The only person who seemed comfortable with themselves on the stage was Cliff Bleszinski. Oh, and I almost forgot Mr. ‘Kevin Butler’, but he’s just silly. (In a good way.)

First off, I’m already miffed at Nintendo flaunting how much crap they’ve sold. You can watch the Nintendo conference anywhere – just google it or go ahead and visit your favorite site for gaming media. They’ve sold more? Good for them. I couldn’t care less if they sold 15 million more units than the PS3. But aside from that, the Nintendo conference had Reggie and his fellow corporate buddies speaking to me like I was an idiot. Sure – they have to speak to an audience with a wide range of journalists and just.. people. The way they spoke and delivered their wares seemed that there had to be some applause after everything they said. I felt annoyed after watching the Nintendo conference, uninterested with Microsoft, and angry at Sony. And the 3DS announcement was underwhelming; please get an English speaking person next time, Nintendo. Even then, I don’t think that would have improved it, so I’ll count my blessings for now.

The only thing that made me happy from the Sony conference was Portal 2, and Gabe’s few opening statements were pretty funny. And as much as I may be excited to see another Dead Space 2, I was hoping for a different game. It wasn’t in the conference, but I’m also on the lookout for FFXIV, since I’ve played FFXI and actually stuck with it for a while to realize it’s probably the best Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played.

And meh to Microsoft. Please enjoy the picture of Sakuya watching Ryuu getting his arse kicked.