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Stay Gold, Koko-Chan.

Half way into this season I stumbled across Golden Time. I saw the first four episodes or so and then stopped watching it. It’s not that I didn’t like it; it was more like I was having an “I’m too busy playing Pokémon to watch anime” phase. I remembered the last episode ended on a cliff hanger, so I recently picked it up again. I ended up marathoning this anime until I was current on the episodes that had been released. Safe to say the more I watched this anime, the more I enjoyed it.

I don’t know what it is with me and romance dramas, but I really like this one for a number of reasons. The comedy in this anime isn’t too bad. There’s a number of scenes I can recall that made me chuckle. The story itself is interesting as well. The main character, Tada Banri, suffers from the overused cliché that is amnesia. But rather than seeking out to regain his past, he just carries on his life and starts fresh. I normally tend to ignore the main character, but Banri is a main character that I can at least appreciate.

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Pokémon? With the Pokey and the mon!


I recently watched all four episodes of Pokémon Origins. As someone who has pretty much grown up with Pokémon (sort of), it was a breath of fresh air. For someone who watched the Pokémon series for the longest time, watching Origins was something to be greatly appreciated, as we got to see a telling of the Pokémon games that follow the character Red.

Like most people, I wanted to see a series that was similar to the Pokémon Special manga. Origins however, strongly followed the original Pokémon games, Pokémon Red and Blue. The story telling was fantastic, as Origins made sure not to drag on events that weren’t important. There was also a darker tone from the anime that most people were familiar with from the manga.  Even the soundtrack of Origins was incredible. That may or may not be an over exaggeration, but I did like the game soundtracks, and I love orchestrated music too.  In summation, Project I.G did a mighty fine job at retelling the story of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games.

Speaking of Pokémon games, I attended the midnight release of Pokémon X and Y. For my first time attending a midnight release, I think it was worth it, even if I lost a lot of sleep as a result of playing the game all night.

For the time I have spent playing the game, it has been nothing but a roller coaster of awesome. There are way too many features so far that are just way too fun. One feature being that you can make a 10 second intro video, which I spent a long time editing. I’m still in the early areas of the game so there isn’t too much to talk about, really.

I will admit that the only thing I’m disappointed with is the underwhelming number of new Pokémon. I suppose that could be good or bad. I would have thought that there was at least 100 new Pokémon, but it’s actually 69. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much considering there are over 700 Pokémon now and there’s plenty of other things to enjoy about this game.

As much as I’m enjoying this game, I wish to savor it like a slice of delicious cake. Also I don’t want to be that guy who just wants to rush through the game just to brag about it after.


Podcast # 11 Delays and reboots

What a long time since I’ve updated. Also should have posted this earlier, but being majorly distracted due to Vindictus and studies. Mostly being lazy.

Our latest (and stupidly delayed back more than two weeks from recording date) brings topics like new Pokemon, Gintama, and various anime topics. As much as how general and vague that sounds, that’s honestly all you need to know what we’ll end up talking about. I recognize that you’d probably want a small list so we don’t waste your time.. but really, you’re listening to a podcast about 3 people talking about anime; I doubt it would sound any different from talking to your friends. Aside from us sounding more stupid.

I’ma clickin’ and a bootin’!