Plastic Memories and Sudden Feels


Yay, new anime season.

I had a feeling that this show was gonna be pretty good. Ended up enjoying the show. Also, the main character has dacryphilia (arousal from seeing others crying or sobbing), probably. Not really. But I’ll tell myself it’s a legitimate reason for the above scene to have him immediately encapsulated within the girl’s charm.

Plastic Memories managed to just barely evade the high-school setting with a freshly employed 18-year-old MC named Mizugaki Tsukasa. Dogakobo hasn’t failed to disappoint on the animation front either. Yes yes, I know associating a studio with key and inbetween frame animation quirks isn’t good, since studios could simply rotate out staff members as needed, with individuals and teams that don’t need to hold any loyalty to any one production house. But how can you ignore the level of effort and time that’s crammed into nearly every first episode of every series that Dogakobo has done? Their work style on Celestial Method, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, and Engaged to the Unidentified is impossible to miss. The director from Engaged to the Unidentified is also on board, so it looks like we’re gonna get bodied pretty hard.

Spoilers ahead.

Plastic Memories and Sudden Feels