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Podcasts resume!

Sometimes you just feel like throwing stuff. And it happened to me multiple times in the last few hours while I was QCing the last podcast for public consumption. I’m still not satisfied with the quality – I know it can sound better. I’ve already stalled it this long, and I figured to get back on track. So yes! Our podcasts are back, and now separated according to subject matter for better precision. Mish-mash of topics in a single podcast was only ever good if we were extremely professional, but we’re not. The best I can do is start making some music for the intros and transitions so it’s easier on the ears.

Come listen anyway, and burn away 2+ hours of your life.

Taste like burning.


Ichiban Ushiro no Maou

This ended up being the one episode out of the new season that immediately satiated my need for a trainwreck series. Obviously I can’t tell whether or not it ends up as one since it’s only been one episode. But for me, it’s already in the Pizza Echelon: It’s still good even if it tastes bad.

The studio behind Ichiban Ushiro no Maou is Artland. And Sugisaki Ken’s voice actor from Seitokai no Ichizon is also the main character in IchiMaou. He already looks and acts like Ken, so might as well call this a SeiZon spin off written by Shiina Minatsu.

And this entry kicks off the first moe radiation data sheet. So pull out your Geiger counters, switch it to detect moe particles, and let’s collect some data.

Click here for the radiation data sheet.