That Asterisk Anime


I can’t get enough of pink haired princesses. The desire to stroke her pastel hair is criminally strong. But not enough to turn me into an actual criminal.

I do however am eternally annoyed by the MCs that are paired up with them since these stories aren’t meant to break the mold. It would take massive guts, a unique writer, and a convenient setup on the production side for there to be some reason an MC does NOT act like a doofus that trips every goddamn flag that heads down said female’s romance ideals through happenstance and Chekov’s Upbringing. No idea what I’d set as the criteria for Chekov’s Upbringing. Just think of the common male protagonist who somehow always is raised from birth to be given the bride of destiny and fate, whom is often a little too obvious, but the writing somehow gives hope a unique relationship will sprout. It’s the reason why Baby Steps was strangely appealing to me. Watching a character go from “How do I hold this tennis racket?” to where he gets to, is far more entertaining to me than a foppy, plantain bastard that gets a free pass because his backstory is somehow portrayed to us, out of nowhere, asĀ tragic. Ayato’s (Asterisk‘s MC) unexplained skill isn’t very convincing either, which is quizzically in jeopardy because we were shown such a half-assed backstory.

Tatsuya from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, on the other hand, I say is an exception. Why is that? We were actually never shown his backstory. It’s alluded to, but was never exposed during the anime. The mystery lets me imagine, I suppose. Sort of a crutch if he ended up poorly written after all that. Even if you disagree with the assessment that Tatsuya is an enjoyable MC, hopefully it’s clear how different I feel towards these types of protagonists.

In any case, it’s disappointing that it doesn’t seem like I’ll be very enthused for this series despite the character design of Julis. I’m normally of the disposition to watch shows for silly and narrow reasoning, but Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is starting off as a hard sellĀ for me.

.. Still won’t stop me from watching it though.

My desire to watch a show based solely on side characters is even stronger in this show. Not a very good sign for MC-kun.

I just realized that I haven’t written an entry on Baby Steps, a series I quite enjoy. That should be coming soon.

That Asterisk Anime