Goddamit, Photokano!


Why the fuck are you spending time and money on a silly water-on-lens effect and not the actual animation?! I’ve seen so many lazily drawn faces in regular still shots and key frames! This is 47 levels of retarded! I honestly question the decision in this crappy juxtaposition of a realistic water effect while watching poorly animated characters enjoy their lives! I didn’t see a stupid camera in the flowers when the angle of the scene changed either! I’m not going to stop using exclamation points either! I seriously can’t believe what I’m seeing here! Where’s that damn director?! Is he even in the same building as the rest of the staff?!


At least Uchida got some screen time.

Goddamit, Photokano!

I don’t really like Photokano.



Which is a most unfortunate thing while watching this show. I always seem to watch this genre of anime even without really enjoying them. Perhaps it’s the incredibly cheap amount of emotional investment required? I also must be an idiot for watching 6 episodes I didn’t like. I’d skip forward a lot because most scenes were begrudgingly easy to predict. They weren’t particularly executed well. Several scenes have poor timing. It felt forced. Maybe it’s because of Amagami? Perhaps watching the spiritual predecessor dilutes the experience here. It didn’t help that I know zero girls who act like Niimi Haruka.

I don’t really like Photokano. Too bad that this show is split up into arcs, containing the stories of several girls you may or may not like. And by golly, Haruka is one I don’t really care about. Talk about misappropriated time.

I decided to utilize a scene that uses a camera pan where Kyon would definitely use that パンアップかよ! line, because I share that facepalming sentiment that a show has to resort to silly tricks (e.g. camera pan up with a romanticized line) to convey the love & listlessness of youth. I wonder which show did it best? Time for even more anime history research..

I don’t really like Photokano.




So, Photokano first episode is out. Didn’t even need to look up details of the show before I knew that it would essentially be another series to watch for those who enjoyed Amagami. (I did somewhat. Wasn’t able to enjoy the female cast as other people however.) And I’m lucky enough to be graced with delicious thighs in the first 10 minutes of the show. I haven’t even finished watching it yet! For those who appreciate sexy thigh shots like I do, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (aka Occult Academy) is a show about thighs paranormal happenings. It has nothing to do with Photokano. Not even staff wise. Aside from Takagaki Ayahi.

Studio handling this series is Madhouse.. so who knows where the animation production will go. They have a good history, but love comedies generally do not get the best of art. Sometimes the real matter is only making sure the story and characters are good. Which is understandable. But I’m a firm believer that well drawn and animated details can catapult series’ into god tiers, if not minimizing any suckage that may be present. In a more pessimistic tone, a deficiency in details means inconsistencies that will probably irritate anyone. Something I’d hope the studio is wary of.

Ah, who cares! Thighs! Here’s to the new season!