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Spartan: π War

I just read an article on it:

Quite an interesting article. Especially since because I somehow scored a free copy from my brother ages ago. I played it for about an hour and thought it was absolute suck. Left it on a shelf to collect dust. But here are these guys praising it’s simplistic qualities. I’m willing to try this game again to see why they found it to be a rather enjoyable experience. Perhaps I needed a time out from such a game, as I was most likely burnt out by other games like it at the time.

The year 2010 is the year to do it. Expect a follow up post after I try to finish this game. I also need to finish a couple of PS2 games I never got around to. Thank the gods for my hardware backwards compatible PS3! I’m surprised at Sony for taking out such a nice feature. But then again, that’s the exact reason why you’re getting it for cheap now (300 USD for a Slim PS3).

I’m currently writing this to the OST of Panzer Dragoon Orta. Seriously good album. If you can score a copy, grab it!