The Zenith of Romance Workshop


I did something interesting this weekend. I played FFXIV the whole time. I’m kidding. Honest. I imagine most people were crying like a Riko (see image above) during the first week when their server was going under maintenance, or they get DC’ed.

I always blurt out to my friends I tend to prioritize atmosphere, art, and music over plot, structure, and characters. While the last set of items do contribute to atmosphere, I personally view them a notch or several below art and music. It’s how my brain just seems to digest it the quickest. I’m not the fastest to discover culprits in detective stories. Nor am I able to analyze plots and characters like others do. It really does kinda suck having it as a weakness. Writing a review hinges upon skilled analysis of plot and characters. I wager I’d be quoting several people if I said that plot and characters can brute force masterpiece-tier legacy.

And I’m totally evading that boat. I bought a ticket on the train without rails. Permanently derailed.

I bought I ticket, too. I kinda regret it.

The Zenith of Romance Workshop