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Pobblebonkery is a real word.


Kyousuke, pobblebonking in blatant disregard for physics.

No, it’s not. But it should be. By all means. Based on the pobblebonk (a frog), I use it in a way to describe someone who makes a fracas about love. And it just sounds like a loud and obnoxious plonk sound. This plonk sound made by the frog is interesting the first time around, but I can easily imagine it being goddamn annoying. I watched the last three episodes of Ore no Imouto Season 2. And it participates in such pobblebonkery that it brings me to remember how fucking annoying this show has gotten.

Everyone else lost their purpose when Kyousuke stopped being interesting. He no longer had any real conflict that threatened his current mindset. Even his jabs at other characters got boring. Or was it the other characters being unworthy of creative straight-man altercations anymore? Kuroneko’s chuunibyou suddenly turned into a huge negative for me. Not that it was a plus to me, ever. Saori was a bit more lucky. As a side character, she never stood in the limelight for very long. Maybe that one episode dedicated to her could have been too much. I’m not complaining about her though; the exploration of her facade was interesting enough to me. I lump Saori and Kanano in the same boat, since they are by far the most normal girls Kyousuke will ever have the luck of interacting with. Which makes me realize they form a common combo within anime: the rich girl and the genki tomboy vying for the MC.

Yeah. I obviously prefer Kanako. I could never turn down a character voiced by Yukari Tamura. If they were crazy, that’s a different story.

I did enjoy the first season. The second season also had some good points, like the Ayase and Kanoko scenes. Even a Kuroneko route would have been decent love story. But everything else fell by the way side, when the “main” conflict of Kirino versus Manami comes to head. Came out of nowhere. It’s barely hinted at in the first season. If someone would kindly point me to an episode where it may have been alluded to, please do so in the comments.

Ah, it’s turning into another SAO for me. It’s when the beginning stretch shows lots of promise that I need to worry. Which.. is currently happening with Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. I’m enjoying that show a lot, so far. (Only three episodes watched however.) But this post was another wake-up call. At least I’m finished watching this show for good.

I’ve honestly never seen or witnessed the word pobblebonk before until this post, and the resultant wikipedia/youtube search for it. Why I was able to imagine a real word without any context is anyone’s guess.

Link: witness the pobblebonk’s cry of love

This is off-topic. What’s up with Tokyo Encounter? Is it no longer being produced? I am disappoint if true.


There’s no way my Jormungand could be this cute


Out of all the anime out this season I think that Zettai Bouei Leviathan is an interesting selection of mine to watch. At first glance I thought “Oh, hey! An anime about dragon girls. That sounds cool.” But little did I know that this anime is in fact cuter than cool, which I’m not really against. The anime is being produced by studio Gonzo, which is surprising since I can’t remember the last anime of theirs that I watched. I just recently watched the second episode of this anime and by this point, I managed to pick up on a few seiyuu in this series.

The first and most noticeable voice was that of Ayana Taketatsu (Kirino from Ore no Imouto) who portrayed the character Jormungand. Her voice in particular stood out to me because I’m currently watching the second season of OreImo. I also noticed that Eri Kitamura also lends her voice to this series. It took a while for me to recognize, but since the second episode of the series revolves around her character I slowly drew the comparison to Yui from Angel Beats. I honestly don’t know why but I keep picking up anime that she has a role in without prior knowledge. While she’s one of my top favorite seiyuu, I don’t actively seek out anime that she has a role in. Speaking of OreImo, Kana Hanazawa (Kuroneko) also has a role in this anime as the character, Syrup. So already, this anime is shaping up fairly well, considering the voice talents that are present.

As for the story, it’s pretty much about the main characters living their lives and making messes from what it looks like. Elsewhere, there’s a small alien invasion that is slowly threatening their world. Meanwhile, the fairy, Syrup, is frantically trying to assemble a task force to stop the alien threat. In other words, it’s like The Avengers, but with cute dragon girls.


Why am I destroyed so easily?

Ore no Imouto seriously shouldn’t be having this easy a time making my nutbladder explode so violently. Last episode was enough when I heard Yukarin singing that theme song to Kirino’s favorite anime. Now I have Kyousuke’s mom making my face looking like a certain emote in vain attempt to resist HNNG’ing because of her Kirino imitation. In fact, this post and screencap were made just now after I opened the file. I haven’t even gotten through the first minute of the show!

I fear my lifespan has been reduced by 1 hour and 32 seconds.

On an unrelated note, I’m back to playing Call of Pripyat. Need to actually finish the game before Artistpavel of the STALKER Complete mods fame finishes the CoP one. Take that Vindictus! Wait, did I do my AP dailies for today?




As if it weren’t loltastic with the previous episode being about anime production and the perceived problems between the original author/creator and the producers, we now have Kirino acting just like her brother when given a loli that acts just like her. It just makes me grin from one side of my face to the other when this kind of stuff is done. This kind of self-depreciation I always find endearing because someone had to make the choice of saying, “Yes, we know how ridiculous anime can be.” Or it’s just another form of fanservice when we as viewers were interested in seeing Kirino in Kyousuke’s position of having an annoying and bratty little sister (imouto for you faggots).

Quick update as well — no podcasting has happened due to Vindictus and lack of anything worth talking about. Mainly Vindictus. Go play it.


Ore no Imouto – 06

I’m finding it hard to believe that this is the one anime that makes me visit TokyoToshokan repeatedly until I see it uploaded, which I then fervently download it like an east Indian rat plague that eats farmers’ crops every 48 years and causes a general crop famine because they exponentially reproduce until the bamboo forest doesn’t provide enough food. [link to what the heck i’m talking]

… Was that analogy too over the top? Plus it’s every 48 years, so that’s actually kind of infrequent. Let’s just say I was hitting F5 until my lovely animu was funneling through my tubes.

Aside from that, episode 6 gave me a healthy dose of Satomi Satou sweet voice in the form of Manami. There was also a zombie in this episode. Even this anime has its fair share of “Let’s put zombies in it to make it better”. It does end on a rather heart-warming note. I’m feeling kind of wary now that I’m seeing the pace of story progression however. If this is the kind of episode I’m getting half-way through the series, what are the rest supposed to be? A little bit of hint dropping happened, but it’s mostly just Kirino emitting dangerous levels of HNNG inducing radiation.

Episode stats:
±0 score
moentgen radiation anomaly spikes during Kirino scenes
radiation generation from Manami
Didn’t suck, but didn’t do anything significant.