Hataraku Maou-sama Part 53: Hugs.


I laughed at Alsiel’s screaming at the re-appearance of Miki-T. Almost sounded like genuine fear instead of mere shock.

I’ve been consistently impressed by Hataraku Maou-sama. Four episodes in and it still hasn’t lost it’s pacing strength. In fact, I’d like to say that it’s probably the strongest suit of the show. Things are moving along while not feeling rushed. There’s also one thing that I find convincing me of the world that Sadao, Alsiel and Emi previously lived in — the tendency to not tell, but show. We may get flashbacks, but they’re new info, and they’re not info dumps. It’s using additional drama to build extra details.

Well.. thinking back a little, maybe there’s a bit of that traditional “let’s explain things for the viewers” bit. But I don’t remember getting any obvious hints towards Emi’s backstory. The only thing I can recall is Emi was willing to travel through a potentially one-way gate to kill Sadao. All the meat of the reason was during this latest episode (4) via flashback. The scenes to follow were powerful — Emi’s swirling anger and thoughts were almost palpable through my monitor. What’s interesting to me is the amount of time that was given to a particular scene. The director allowed for tension to raise quite high, only for it to ride another roller coaster. The music indicated it well enough with a lilt into a joke atmosphere. It is mere moments afterwards that the joke is brushed aside once again for more conflict to meet our Demon Lord and Hero.

I can’t wait for this new entrant to the cast to also learn the harsh way that his magic isn’t coming back anytime soon. I’m enjoying the “brought down to earth” scenes too much. If for one second the director leaves in hints that the magic realm emigrants have an actual chance to regaining their powers instead of trying to force this wonderful cast to attempt modern day civility, I’ll be disappointed. Probably won’t be a sufficient reason to drop the series I hope. I’d have to be severely disappointed for that to happen.

Kudos to Hikasa Yoko as Emi. That’s some good voice work; as expected of a professional seiyuu. I remember a long time ago someone claiming she would fade into obscurity after K-ON!. Oosaka Ryouta is doing great as Sadao, but he hasn’t had the chance to do demanding voice work. No heroic breakdowns for him. Then again, he IS a Demon Lord. Even goes as far to force Emi to use her ID and seal to vouch for Sadao. (That scene was rich. Was grinning enough to achieve wideface.)

Oosaka Ryouta was also in Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne. Yeah, I watched that show for Anastasia. Can I really deny the chance of listening to Minori Chihara playing a verbally abusive ojou-sama? Nope.

Hataraku Maou-sama Part 53: Hugs.