The Onee-chan Effect (Seitokai Yakuindomo S2E11)


Uomi has quickly skyrocketed into a favorite character from being a mere side character. Not only does she have to do something to contrast her calm demeanor, she’s already gotten a promotion in a very anime-verse meta way. Her new relations with Tsuda has elevated her into a higher tier of silliness, despite the jokes maintaining consistency. I’m not Japanese though, so I’m pretty sure some of the effects of honorifics are lost on me. It’s an obvious element in anime. Abused like no other, a character suddenly being allowed to address another female as onee-chan (お姉ちゃん) will ignite the hearts and souls of some people.

Speaking of this Onee-chan Effect, I had gone and rewatched the entirety of Squid Girl. In the second season, the amnesia bit also used the gap moé tactic with Ika-chan herself. After an entire one and a half seasons of our beloved Squid Girl’s lack of respect for Eiko, it turns on a dime. A single “onee-chan” was enough to break Eiko’s regular facade. Why the hell is it this entertaining to watch it happen?

I also somehow managed to completely miss watching episode 6. Most likely due to the “download now, watch later” tactic. Letting things pile up like that isn’t good. (As I say this, my laundry continues to become a mountain.)

I’m disappointed I couldn’t find a screenshot more awkward than the one I already have.

Uomi’s “ひ。み。ちゅ。” while hugging Hagimura was silly as hell and I suffered from a six-inch smile.

The Onee-chan Effect (Seitokai Yakuindomo S2E11)